Ipsy Review – October 2014


Ipsy is another one of my subscription boxes that I’ve started receiving monthly.  It contains five make-up items.  Most are a smaller sample size but you occasionally get full size items as well, and a cute make-up bag.  For $10 a month it really is a great deal!

The theme this month was “beauty candy,” and I received five items that I really enjoy.  The bag itself was cute, and I liked the color of it.  You get a small bag every month, so I’m thinking about using them to organize my make-up: lip gloss in one bag, eyeshadow in another, etc.  Here’s what was in my bag:


Star Looks Lipgloss – I really liked this.  I love lip gloss, and this one is a nice, neutral looking color.  It had a pleasant flavor and isn’t too thick.  The sample size we got was .3 oz., and I don’t know how big their full-size ones are, but I will guess that this is half the size, making it worth about $6.


Tattooed Waterproof eyeliner – this was my first liquid eyeliner.  It goes on really easy and looks nice.  I’m using it for the play I’m in right now.  It’s also a full size eyeliner, which is cool.  On their website it costs $15.


Indie Lee Brightening Cleanser – I will admit that I’ve never used a cleanser before – when I take my make-up off I would just use a wipe and rinse my face.  However, I love this stuff!  It smells like strawberries and makes my face feel much more clean and refreshed.  A 4 oz. bottle retails for $32, so this sample size was worth about $4.


Figs and Rouge Hand cream – this came in two different scents, and I’m so happy I got the mango mandarin because it smells fantastic.  The cream is nice and smooth, and doesn’t leave your hands feeling sticky or anything.  Plus, the price is reasonable so this is something I might actually buy again.  This size sells on the website for $6.56.


H2Glo Highlighter – I’ve never used a highlighter before, and though I followed the instructions here I don’t know that I could tell any difference it made to my skin or make-up.  Unless I’m doing something wrong, this isn’t something I would get again in the future.  I couldn’t find it on their website, but at Amazon it was $7.95.

Overall, Ipsy is an incredible value, giving you products worth $39.51 for $10 – plus you get the cute make-up bag!  And if you don’t have a lot of make-up or don’t really know what to try, like me, it gives you a good way to experiment with new things.  Even if there’s a color or something I wouldn’t use on a daily basis, I can always save it for a play I might be in, because you never know what you might need!


5 thoughts on “Ipsy Review – October 2014

  1. I’m on the waiting list… how long did it take you to get off the list? The person I joined through really likes it, so I’m glad to see two favorable reviews!!! Love makeup! I already get Birchbox but that’s been more beauty products than makeup lately. Which is also fun… I’ll probably wind up keeping both of them 🙂

    • When I signed up it said I could take some steps to get off the waiting list immediately – I had to like their facebook page and favorite a few youTube channels, which I did. That was in the beginning of September and my first bag came mid-October! I’ve heard good things about BirchBox too, but haven’t tried that one.

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  3. I love Ipsy and review subscription boxes on my youtube channel as well as movies. So much fun getting a surprise in the mail

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