October 2014 Subscription Boxes



Bestowed is a monthly subscription box that is filled with mostly healthy snacks, and other healthy living items.

Peeled Cinnamon Apple Clusters ($5.49).  A little disappointing since we just got these in the August box.  This was a bigger bag with “4” servings, but while they taste good they are not filling at all.  I ate the whole thing in one sitting and was still starving.  Probably a good snack for kids though.
Little Miracles ($2.50).  I actually really enjoyed this energy drink, but was disappointed that it’s not a US product and therefore not available any way except by ordering online (expensive).
Glee Gum ($0.29).  I liked the watermelon flavor and the idea of a “healthy” gum, but the flavor only lasted for about 3 minutes.
Fiber Love Bars (About $o.90 each for the sample size).  I got the cinnamon raisin and peanut butter chocolate.  They claimed to taste like cookies but they really just taste my fiber bars.  I much prefer Clif bars for texture, though the flavor was fine.
Crunchmaster Crackers ($0.75).  I actually did enjoy these crackers.  There were only 7 in this bag (half a serving size) and they were a bit salty, but I liked the flavor and ate them with some mozzarella cheese.
Hooray Puree Spinach ($5.00).  I don’t think I’ve ever used pureed spinach in my life, so I don’t really plan to use this.  I always have fresh spinach around, and would puree that if need be.
Numi Organic Tea (two tea bags, $0.65 each).  I haven’t tried this yet but I’m hoping it will be good – I got the chocolate mint flavor, which seems unusual for tea.  I enjoy tea but usually use loose leaf if I can.

I calculated this box to be worth $17.13, which is definitely better than the last two boxes but still not even worth as much as they charge for it.  That fact, combined with the fact that I didn’t even enjoy all of the items, convinced me to cancel my subscription.  Goodbye, Bestowed!

Bulu Box


This was my first month with Bulu Box, which is a subscription box that sends you samples of health, nutrition, and weight loss products.  I don’t necessarily buy into all those sorts of pills and supplements so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised with my Bulu Box this month!  I’m not going to put here what was in it because I’m going to put up a full review soon, hopefully later this week.



Ipsy is a make-up bag subscription with 5 items per month for $10.  You can read my full Ipsy review for October here.

Loot Crate

loot crate

Loot Crate is the perfect monthly subscription box for geeks of all sorts.  This month’s box had the theme “fear.”  Check it out here!

Nature Box

I love Nature Box.  One of the huge advantages it has over other boxes is that you get to pick what you are sent each month (though if you want a surprise, you can get that too!).  That way I can pick things I have a pretty good feeling I’ll like.  It’s $20 a month for 5 bags of snacks that have about five servings each.  Here’s what I got this month:

Sweet Blueberry Almonds – love these!  They have a very distinct, natural blueberry taste.
Roasted kettle kernels – these are a great little snack, though I think I prefer the cinnamon ones I got before.
Guacamole bites – a little zip to them and a good snack when you’re in the mood for guacamole, but personally not my favorite.
Honey Crunch Crisps – these are addictingly good!  They are both sweet and savory, a perfect combination.
Sunshine chips – these are basically veggie chips with a  wide variety of veggies.  I liked the different kinds of things there – it all tasted good!

Stitch Fix

stitch fix

Sadly, I did not get a Stitch Fix for the month of October – I’m currently signed up to get one every other month.  If you missed it though, you can check out my review of my September Stitch Fix.  And there will be a new one coming for November; I can’t wait!

What’s your favorite subscription box?


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