Glass Slipper Challenge Training – 16 weeks to go

gsc week2

This past week was a tough week.  As you may be able to tell by the fact that I didn’t finish the training until Monday, when I should’ve been done on Saturday.  Better late than never though, I guess.

gsc week2 tues

On Tuesday I went for a run in Valley Forge, and I picked a different part of the park that I was hoping would be less up hill.  Unfortunately, it was probably worse!  It was just one of those runs that definitely didn’t feel very good.

gsc week2 fri

I didn’t get my next run in until Friday.  I’m in a play right now, and we had performances on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  I squeezed in a run on Friday before the show, and while it was chilly out it was an okay run.  I didn’t feel great afterwards but it was fun to see all the Halloween decorations and trick-or-treaters out.

gsc week2 mon

Because of my show and a mentally/emotionally exhausting weekend, I wasn’t able to do my longer weekend run until Monday.  However, I did 4 miles and it felt really good – and my pace showed it too.  So even though I had to wait, it paid off!  I’m just hoping I can squeeze in the runs I need this week, because we have another crazy show schedule (it’s closing weekend though!)


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