Spice Road Table review

spice road table review

I will first up admit that this review will be a little difficult to write – the food we had was all very good, but the portion sizes were super small and just didn’t seem worth the price to us. But it was new and we wanted to try it out, so we headed here for lunch last February.

The seating area, out on the patio, is very nice. I love the look of it – it’s well decorated and you do of course have a great view out over the lagoon. We got lunch around 11:30 and it was almost completely empty at that point.  I imagine a table right on the water would be really nice, as you get an awesome view of the Lagoon.

spice road table 2

I decided to try the white wine flight, which has three different types of wine that you can see below. These glasses were pretty tiny.  I enjoyed them and found them all to be pretty light and pleasant. I don’t think one really stood out to me as a big favorite, but they were nice.  My husband had a red wine that was described as very sweet, called the “King of Hearts”.  He liked it, it was very smooth, but not as sweet as he was hoping. He enjoys a really good sweet red wine. JamJar sweet shiraz that we had at Jiko is his favorite wine of all time.

spice road table 3

For the food we shared the Tingis sampler (Lamb Slider; Harissa Chicken Roll; Moroccan Lamb Sausage).  I know I’m writing this 6 months after the trip, but I really can’t remember much about this food. I know it was decent, but no flavors were overwhelmingly fantastic to stick out in my mind. Obviously small portions, but tasted good.

spice road table 4

We also shared the spicy garlic shrimp (sauteed shrimp with dried chilis and fried garlic).  This had 6 shrimp for $10. I do remember really enjoying the flavor of this dish. It had a good level of spiciness for me. I didn’t care much for the bread accompanying it though.

spice road table 5

We probably should have ordered more food. But we had already spent $60 at this point – granted, we did get wine, but since the place was really advertising their drinks it seemed silly not to get alcohol. As you can tell from the pictures, this didn’t really fill us up at all. It was good, but not outstanding enough to warrant the price for us personally.

My husband rated it an 8*. As for the * , he says “not good enough to justify the price. Too expensive to get anything in acceptable quantities, so you are compelled to buy less. Which just leaves you unsatisfied.” I would probably give it a 7 out of 10. I would never go back there for a meal, but knowing what I know now I might go back in the afternoon if we wanted to stick around for Illuminations but didn’t feel like going back to the room for a break. It would be a nice way to relax off your feet for an hour or so, enjoy a glass of wine, and share a small plate or two. But thinking of it as a meal didn’t work for me personally.

Price breakdown:

White wine flight: $12.99
King of Hearts wine: $8.99
Spicy Shrimp: $10.00
Tingis Sampler: $16.00

Have you been to Spice Road Table?  What did you think of it?


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