Bulu Box Review


Bulu box is another subscription box that I’ve started getting.  It is a box that will deliver samples of health, nutrition, and weight loss products.  I love the fact that they make it very clear that they are providing samples, so you don’t expect full size products from them.  Other boxes, I’ve found, have been a bit ambiguous when it comes to that.  When you sign up you can choose from either a general health box or a weight loss box.  I’m getting the weight loss box.

I will admit that this isn’t normally the type of thing I would try.  I’m not hugely into miracle weight loss pills and that sort of thing – I’m much more an advocate of healthy eating and exercise.  But I got a groupon deal where a 3 month subscription to Bulu Box and a year long subscription to Women’s Health magazine was only $15 – so I figured I’d give it a try!

I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised by what I received the first month.  Only one item seemed less than legitimate.

Rutaesomn Sleep Aid

bulu ruta

So I’m one of those people that often lacks energy throughout the day, and all I can think about is taking a nap or going to bed… but then when it’s actually time to sleep I’m wide awake.  I take melatonin every night, which helps a lot.  This sleep aid claims to not only help you sleep, but to negate the effects of caffeine.  I tried it one evening in place of my melatonin.  I had caffeinated soda around 9pm, took this pill at 11, and was asleep by midnight.  Since it’s a sample I only got to try it once, but it seems to have worked!

Helps for Rehydration Diets

bulu helps

This was a tea bag (that apparently is for kids, according to the label) that says it helps for rehydration – but the description I got with it said it was also good to calm you down and relieve stress.  I enjoyed the tea – I guess I did feel a little more calm, but I think tea always makes me feel that way.  I liked the taste too.  It tasted a bit like licorice, and the ingredients showed me that it had anise in it, which explained that.

N.O-Explode Advanced Strength


This is a powder that gets added to your drink and is supposed to give you increased energy for a workout.  I had half the packet before I went for a run, and it definitely worked.  I felt super energized and ready, and that feeling lasted for quite awhile.  The flavor was fruit punch, and while it wasn’t great tasting it wasn’t awful either.

Shredz Fat Burning Pills


This is the one item I was disappointed in.  As I stated, I don’t really think just taking a pill is ever going to get you to lose weight.  Plus, since it’s only a sample, you can only use it for one day, so you can’t really see if it works.  I took it on a day that I also ate healthy and went for a run, and the next morning I was up .4 pounds – so I wouldn’t put a lot of stock in this.



This is basically an energy drink that gets mixed into a bottle of water.  It says that it is a “negative calorie” drink, meaning that it actually burns calories more than it gives you any.  I don’t know for sure if that worked, but it did give me a little boost of energy that I needed when I was cleaning my house and starting to get pooped out.  It is orange flavored and didn’t taste too bad – your typical kind of fake, powder-y orange flavor, but I can deal with it!

Hemp Pro 70

bulu protein

This is protein powder, which I like the idea of – especially since I drink a lot of smoothies.  However, the protein powders I’ve tried before have all had a weird taste.  This one didn’t seem to have it.  I didn’t use much of it (only half of the packet), but it gave it a nice subtle chocolate flavor and I’m getting a little more protein into my diet.  Win!

One of the things I like about Bulu Box is that you can buy all of the products from their website.  Plus, if you review each sample, you get 10 points.  Every 10 points is worth $1 in their shop, so you can easily get some free full size items after a few boxes of reviews!  So far I’m not disappointed by Bulu Box, and I’m curious to see what will come next month.  If you want to subscribe, I would love it if you use my link!


2 thoughts on “Bulu Box Review

  1. I also am tired throughout the day but then seem to wake up at bedtime. I’ve been experimenting with melatonin and other natural sleep aids but they all seem to make me feel tired the next day. 😦

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