Glass Slipper Challenge Training – 13 weeks to go

glass slipper week 5

Running just seems to get harder and harder these days, with the cold weather for me.  I was in on the treadmill two days but today it was 55 degrees so I was actually able to get outside!  It felt good to be out but it’s definitely harder than being on the treadmill, and can be an adjustment for me.

glass slipper week 5 tues

On Tuesday I did a shorter run on the treadmill, and was pretty happy with the pace I kept.

glass slipper week 5 thurs

Thursday it was another treadmill run, which I did for the same amount of time but I got a little further than I had on Tuesday with a faster pace, so I’m definitely happy to see improvement!

glass slipper week 5 sunday

The schedule had a 6.5 mile for the weekend, and I was very fortunate that it was warm on Sunday so I could actually do my long run outside.  It actually started out really hard, but got easier after about two and a half miles.  Maybe I just had to get back into the feel of running outside!  But ultimately a pace I’m very happy with for the distance!


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