November 2014 subscription boxes

Bulu Box


Bulu Box is a subscription box that sends you samples of health, nutrition, and weight loss products.

Rutaesomn Sleep Aid – I got this in my last box too, so I think there might have been a mistake.  Luckily, I liked it last time!
Supreme Protein bar (strawberry banana) – I was excited to see a full sized bar in the box – unfortunately, I thought this tasted awful.  So dense, I just couldn’t finish it.
Sweet Wheat – supposed to be the pill form of a superfood, providing nutrients and energy.  My problem with samples like this is that you can’t really tell if it works or not from taking it one day.
Probium Probiotics – a dietary supplement to help digestion.  This was a couple of pills, so same problem as above.
Simple Being Simple Diet – another dietary supplement.  I’m not a fan of these.
Clean Series Veggie Protein – protein powder that I can hopefully give a try in a smoothie sometime soon – or the package also suggests mixing it with almond milk.

Overall I wasn’t thrilled with this box.  I hate the dietary supplements because they’re pretty much useless – you can’t tell if they work from taking them one day, and there’s no flavor or anything to get used to.  I’m hoping my next box will have less pills and more other things.



Ipsy is a make-up bag subscription with 5 items per month for $10.  You also get a bag every month – this one was sparkly to go with the glitter theme!

Be a Bombshell eye base – I love this.  It’s a nice, subtle look while still being very attractive.  This was my favorite thing from the bag!
Nicole by OPI – OPI is my favorite brand of polish.  This one was very sparkly – it went well for a party I was throwing with a black/silver theme.  I wouldn’t wear it on a regular basis though because it’s too eye catching for me.
Temptu S/B Highlighter – I got a highlighter in the last bag that I felt did nothing for me.  I tried this one and I also felt like it didn’t do anything.  So I’ve learned that highlighters are just something that don’t work for my complexion.  Hopefully they don’t send any more!
Oil of Morocco Argan Oil Volume Shine Hairspray – I haven’t used this yet because I don’t use hairspray very often – but it’s the perfect size to bring for the next play I’m in!
Sea Salt Solutions Instant Glow Powder Exfoliant – haven’t opened this yet, but I’m excited to try it!

Definitely pleased with my Ipsy bag this month!

Loot Crate

The theme for this month’s Loot Crate , a subscription box of geeky goods, was “battle.”  My friend who gets this is a video game fan so he was hoping there would be some good stuff.

Pirates vs. Ninjas t-shirt:  This shirt was interesting, but I wasn’t really familiar with the whole “pirates vs. ninjas” thing.  He didn’t seem super excited about the shirt.
Street Fighter headband:  This would be really cool for a costume – I’m not sure what you would do with it otherwise!
Megaman replica helment:  This was probably his favorite thing from the box, and he displayed it on his mantle with all of his other favorite geeky things.
Halo figure:  My friend doesn’t play Halo, but this is a cool little toy if you were into it.
Assassin’s Creed coin:  I’m not sure if this has any significance in the game or what, but it came in a nice red bag.

There was also some downloadable content and a themed box as well.  Overall my friend was a little disappointed.  The big item in this box was the shirt, but he wasn’t into it.  Next month is supposed to have another POP figure, which he loves, so I hope it’s a good one!  Otherwise he’s thinking of cancelling.

Nature Box

nature box

Nature Box sends you five healthy snacks a month.  You can pick out what you get or have them surprise you.

Plantain Chips – this is the second time I’ve gotten these, and they’re easily my favorite Nature Box snack so far.
Apple Cinnamon crave – a very tasty fall inspired sort of trail mix.  I loved it!
Pumpkin spice nom noms – I loved the flavor, but not super filling or very many of them.
Cheddar pretzels – the cheddar flavor was super strong and overpowering for me.  Not bad, but not my favorite.
Mango almond bites – a nice flavor, and very light, but not too filling for the calories.

Stitch Fix

stitch fix

The one I look forward to the most came this month!  Stitch Fix assigns you a personal stylist and they pick out 5 items that you can try on in the comfort of your own home – you keep what you like and send back the rest!  Check out my full detailed review of this month’s Stitch Fix here.


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