Glass Slipper Challenge Training – 11 weeks to go

week 7

This week happened to be a pretty good week for running!  I managed to do all of my runs outside, and they all actually felt pretty good, despite the temperature being at about 40 degrees most of the week.  I’m very happy with my times, and I ran the furthest I’ve run since the Tower of Terror 10 miler back in the beginning of October!


If you remember from last week, I decided to switch my Sunday and Monday runs, so instead of the usual half hour on Monday I did a 4 mile run.  So glad I switched because I was feeling awful on Sunday, but great on Monday!


Wednesday I did my usual weekday run and got in a 5k at a very good pace!  I had off from work on Wednesday (it’s nice, but the trade-off for having to work Saturdays), so I was able to run in the mid-afternoon.  I had pasta for lunch and I really think pasta is my miracle for running – I haven’t found anything else that I can eat that makes me feel as good when I run.


On Friday I prepared for an 8 mile run.  I have to admit that I was nervous, because I hadn’t run that far in awhile but also because I had never run a very long distance in the cold before.  And if there’s one thing about me, I absolutely hate the cold!  Not just for running, just in general.  I hate cold.  But I had some more miracle pasta for lunch and got out there – and it wasn’t that bad!  I told myself I’d take it easy and I did.  I’ve been pushing myself really hard on my shorter runs, but I forced myself not to start off doing that and I ended up with a time and pace I was proud of, and didn’t feel like I was going to die afterward!


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