Kill, Refurb, Marry – Disney Souvenir Shops

After a brief hiatus last month, I’m excited to jump back into Kill, Refurb, Marry with this month’s topic: souvenir shops!  I love a good souvenir, so it definitely took some thinking for me to decide which ones I would kill, refurb, and marry.  It was really tough!  There’s tons of souvenir shops in Disney, many of which I love, and many of which I think they could do more with.  I’m sure I might end up changing my mind, but for now, here are my choices:

Kill – Marketplace Fun Finds


This place in Downtown Disney in basically the “bargain bin.”  Normally I love places like this, because I love a good deal.  However, this just feels a little depressing and not at all a good value.  They stuff some of the typical stuff in here that just happens to be $20 or less.  It would be a lot better if they used it to sell clearance or discontinued items are lower prices, not the same overpriced souvenirs that are all over the place.

Refurb – Briar Patch


Splash Mountain is one of my favorite rides.  I think it would be cool to have a whole shop selling themed merchandise around it, similar to the new Memento Mori shop for the Haunted Mansion.  This shop, however, has mostly generic Disney items with a couple of Splash t-shirts and whatnot.  Give it a make-over: come up with some really fun and creative items themed around Frontierland and Splash Mountain, and sell them here – I’d certainly buy some!

Marry – Days of Christmas

days of christmas

There are a number of stores I was tempted to marry, I admit.  But ultimately, the one that gives me the happiest feeling when I walk into it is the Days of Christmas store in Downtown Disney.  I love Disney and I love Christmas, so combining the two together is perfect!  I wish I had enough money and tree space to buy all of the ornaments.  We also got one of my favorite Christmas decorations of all time here – Cinderella’s castle, decorated with snow and Christmas décor.  I love it!

christmas becky

Check out what other people have to say about which shops they’d kill, refurb, and marry over at Mouse on the Mind’s blog hop:

kill refurb marry


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