Adding Disney to your home for the Holidays!


When you decorate your home for the holidays, do you add a bit of Disney into the mix?  Lots of people do, and today I’m featuring the ways that some of our readers have added Disney into their homes for the holidays!  Disney sells lots of holiday stuff, but there are other unique ways you can add a little “Disney in your Day” during the holiday season!

DIY Projects

Make your own Disney holiday decorations!  Reader Tammie made her own Mickey Christmas wreath for the holidays.  How adorable is that?  If you’re interested in doing the same, you could adapt the tutorial that Michelle shared with us on how to make your own Fall Mickey wreath.

christmas tammie

Jenn’s mother-in-law made these super cute stockings!  They look really professional, but I’m sure there are easy ways you could make your own with supplies from a craft store.

christmas jenn

I’m going to be sharing a post later this month on making your own Disney snowflakes.  I love cutting out paper snowflakes, and making them Disney related is even better!

snowflake olaf

Convert Items from the Theme Parks

Have you ever visited Disney during the Christmas season?  If so, maybe you picked up some souvenirs, or other items that you might not have thought to use to decorate your home.  Here, some readers share their creative ideas on reusing Disney items.

Julianne puts her Mickey popcorn bucket on display during the Christmas season – and adds a light on the inside to make him light up, too!  Brilliant!

christmas julianne 2

Tara commented, “Who says there’s no more use for your Disney cruise door decorations? They make great ornaments!

christmas tara

Venessa enjoyed some of the Disney Christmas posters/advertisements so much that she framed a magazine ad for the Christmas party.  Creative and cute!

christmas venessa 4

Items to Buy from Disney

Of course, there is no shortage of items that you can buy from Disney for the holidays.  During that time of year the Disney Stores are full of fun things, especially ornaments, and the theme parks are overflowing with it.  You can get it year round at Downtown Disney’s Days of Christmas store, or shop online!  Plus, lots of stores like Target and Wal-mart sell Disney Christmas items.

Putting the monorail around your tree, like Christie did, is such a fun touch of Disney instead of the typical train.  I would love this!

christmas christie

Though not directly from Disney, Julianne purchased this gorgeous Wall-e and Eve print from an independent artist.

christmas julianne


Venessa used a pair of Christmas mouse ears to turn an otherwise “regular” snowman into a Mickey snowman!  What a great idea!

christmas venessa 3

Venessa also decorates for the winter with her yeti collection.  I really love this idea, because it’s something different and you can leave it up past Christmas.  You can also see the Christmas tsum tsums and a Disney snowglobe collection.

christmas venessa

I know some people have a completely Disney tree, and Kari is one of the people whose tree is mostly Disney ornaments, especially from Hallmark.  And check out the cute Mickey and Minnie at the foot of the tree!

christmas kari

One of my own personal favorite Disney Christmas decorations is something we bought at Days of Christmas during our honeymoon. I absolutely love this light up Cinderella castle with Christmas decorations and snow.

christmas becky

This is really just the tip of the iceberg on how you can add Disney into your holiday décor!  How do you put Disney into your holidays?


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