Glass Slipper Challenge Training – 10 weeks to go


So this week was my first week with a back to back training run.  It was just a 1 mile on Friday and it was supposed to be 7 on Saturday… but I was signed up for a 5k so I only did 3.1!  I may try to do 7 next weekend instead of 4 to make up for it, but I didn’t have time this weekend.  I did the Ugly Sweater “run” and it was fun!  But it’s in quotes because it was much more of a walk than a run, more about people having fun than pushing themselves, which is cool too!  The outfits were great.

glass slipper week 8

Yup, may need to do some adjusting… but all in all a good week of running!

glass slipper week 8 mon

Monday was a treadmill day and I did 33 minutes.  My pace was under 11 min/mile so I was happy!

glass slipper week 8 wed

On Wednesday it was back on the treadmill (it’s just been too darn cold!).  Same amount of time, but an improved pace!  I’m always beyond happy with improvement.

glass slipper week 8 fri

Since Friday was only 1 mile I went outside and really pushed myself to see what I could do.  I got a pace of 9:46, but it definitely hurt!  I could not have kept going after that one mile so I figured it would be awhile before I got a sub 10 min/mile pace in a 5k.  I made my goal for Saturday to be under 10:30.

glass slipper week 8 sat

But look what happened!  The course was nice and flat, but it was cold!!  I think I was running fast just to be able to feel my toes!  Funny thing is, I was doing really well all race and was very excited about a possible PR, even though it wasn’t a timed race – I just had RunKeeper.  But I get to where the finish line is in sight and see that it’s only been about 2 and a half miles.  I wanted to say I PR’ed a 5k!  So I did what any dedicated runner would do – I turned around and ran against the crowd for about a quarter of a mile!  Then I was able to actually cross the finish line at a real 5k, and do it with a pace that was under 10 min/mile!!



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