Nadine West Review

nadine west

What is Nadine West?  It’s a new subscription box service that sends clothing and jewelry.  I wouldn’t compare it to Stitch Fix, because you only get one shirt a month (as well as two jewelry pieces), but it sounds fun and more affordable.  Most of their pieces are $25 or less.  But the best part is that there’s no service fee.  Everything is free – they send you the package, you try it on, decide whether or not you want to keep anything, and send back what you don’t like.  So you literally have nothing to lose!

That’s why I’m going to keep getting Nadine West, even though my first package was a huge disappointment. I’d read other reviews online that looked good, so I still have hope.  But here’s a look at what I got.

Shirt (I returned the order form so I don’t have exact names or prices, but I know it was around $24.95).

nadine west shirt

I took one look at this and thought “no way.”  On your style profile you can check off what colors you like, and light pink is most definitely not one of them for me.  I am so not a light pink person.  Plus, with the fringe it kind of looks more like a rug.  When I put it on it was even worse, which is why you don’t have a picture of me wearing it.  It had a really weird shape in that it seemed like it wasn’t long enough, but it was really wide.  And it was totally see through, so you’d have to put a tank top on underneath.  I didn’t feel like doing that so no picture!

Necklace (It was somewhere in the $15-20 range).

nadine west necklace

I can appreciate the fact that they picked out the necklace to match the shirt.  Problem is, I hated the shirt.  Again with the light pink, and I’m not a pink person.  I actually think if the stone had been almost any color other than pink I would’ve kept it, because the necklace itself was rather pretty.

Bracelet ($8.95)

nadine west bracelet

The bracelet was kind of cool looking, but I’m not huge on gold.  I’m trying to get more into it so I had checked it off as acceptable on my profile, but I’m kind of regretting that now.  The style of the bracelet is not something I would normally wear.  I came close to keeping it, but ultimately decided not to because it had a clasp, and I find bracelets with a clasp just such a pain to get on and off.  I don’t wear bracelets that often, but if I do I need to be able to slip it on and off.

Overall this month, my first, was a total bust for me.  However, there’s literally no investment to have the package sent to you, so I see no reason to cancel – unless I have a customer service issue or it’s just continually stuff I don’t like, I’ll keep getting Nadine West.  I think they need to approach their style profile a little differently.  But they are still in Beta so hopefully they’ll learn!

What do you think of Nadine West?  Is it something you’d be interested in trying?

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