Glass Slipper Challenge Training – 8 weeks to go!

week 10

8 weeks means that we are only 2 months away!  I seriously can’t wait, I’m excited both about the trip to Disney World and running these races.  And this week’s training felt really good.  In spite of the holidays, I managed to get 4 runs in, and one of them was a long run.

week 10 mon

On Monday I did my run on the treadmill.  Good pace, and felt pretty good.  Glad I was able to squeeze this run in despite all of the pre-Christmas stuff going on!

week 10 wed

I switched my days around a little to do my long run on Wednesday, Christmas Eve.  I knew the weekend would be filled with family time, and at least for the first half of Christmas Eve the rest of my family was working.  So I took advantage of that and went for a morning run.  The good news is that it was 50 degrees out.  The bad news was that it was raining lightly, but steadily, the whole time.  I was pretty done by the end, mostly because my feet were squishing so much from the unavoidable puddles.  But it was my best pace time ever for a longer run, so I’m definitely happy about that!

week 10 fri

Friday I did a quick 2 mile run on the treadmill.  Great pace for the ‘mill, so no complaints there!

week 10 sat

The next day I also managed to squeeze in a shorter run before a 3 hour car ride.  I’ve been lazy today, so I’m really glad I got to it when I did, and with a good pace too!

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