Glass Slipper Challenge Training – 7 weeks to go

week 11

The countdown on my phone says that I’ll be in Disney World in 47 days, which is a little scary!  It’s really starting to feel real that not only will I be running my first half marathon, but I’ll also be doing a 10k the day before.  Granted, I plan to do plenty of character stops during the 10k and not push myself too hard, but it’s still going to be crazy.  I also have to get to work on my costumes.  I’m almost set for my 10k costume (I’m doing Snow White), but I still have some work to do on my Anna costume for the half!  I did get a very cute cape for Christmas that I’m planning to wear though 🙂


This was an “in between” week, meaning that I didn’t have a long run on the weekend, just a 4 mile run.  Still, I feel like I’m constantly fighting with the weather so every week is a challenge.  This coming week looks like it’s going to be pretty rough.

week 11 mon

Monday I was planning to do the treadmill, but it was about 45 degrees after work so I just ran outside.  It went well but didn’t feel as good as some other runs.  Really good pace that I’m happy with though!

week 11 wed

Wednesday I dragged my butt to the gym to get on the treadmill, but I tried to take it a little easier than I had been.  I did a new workout on Tuesday that made me sore in new muscles, and I didn’t want to mess anything up.  Actually better than I thought I’d do, given how sore I was feeling.

week 11 fri

Friday I got outside for my 4 mile run, but it was cold and I didn’t like it haha.  Anything below 40 degrees seems to be really bad for me – I find it difficult to breathe and my lungs hurt.  But I got through it.  The first half was definitely worse than the second half.  I’m only hoping the weather will cooperate this week so I can get my 11 mile run done outside!

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