Frozen on Ice review


frozen on ice

This past week I got the opportunity to go see Disney’s Frozen on Ice at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia.  This was my third Disney on Ice show there, but not surprisingly it was much more crowded than the other two that I attended.  Lots of little girls in Elsa and Anna costumes, and a few little boys dressed as Olaf, too!

frozen on ice

They had the typical food and souvenirs set out, but of course most things were Frozen themed.  I still can’t get over how crazy expensive these items are, but people pay it!  There were snow cones in Anna and Elsa cups, as well as one in an Olaf cup (that cost $3 extra, making that a $15 snow cone).  Then there was cotton candy that came with an Olaf hat, and popcorn in a Mickey and friends bag.  You can see some of the souvenirs in the pictures, but they had dolls, figurines, necklaces, and plenty of light up toys!


The show itself began with a little pre-show that involved some of the cast members dancing, then introducing Mickey and Minnie.  They in turn brought out some of our Disney favorites, including a number of princesses, Donald Duck, Nemo, and Timon and Pumbaa.  Finally it was time for Frozen on Ice to begin!



If you haven’t attended a Disney on Ice show before, when they do one based on a specific movie it’s usually a condensed version of the story with the skaters lip synching to the music/dialogue.  The focus is on the music so they can really show off their skating skills.  Although they skipped the opening number and moved a couple of songs around, for the most part it stays really true to the movie.


Even though the show is really meant more for kids than adults, I enjoy it because I like the music and the story.  But I also really enjoy watching the skaters, because some of them are very talented.  The skater playing Kristoff was especially impressive.  They extended the song “Reindeer are better than people” to give a whole instrumental part for him to skate to, and it was definitely worth it.  He did some really cool tricks, including a flip!



The costumes are very true to the movie and they look great zooming around on the ice.  Frozen is not surprisingly a perfect show to do on ice as it obviously lends itself to the environment.  A very large skating Sven was pretty impressive, too!  We also found the bit with Marshmallow, Elsa’s snow monster, really well done.  It looked awesome from the audience.


There’s an intermission right after Let it Go, and then the second half opens up with Olaf for the first time, as he performs his song with back-up skaters in the form of bees, birds, and butterflies.  The kids in the audience went crazy over seeing Olaf for the first time!


All in all Frozen on Ice was really well done, and I think it’s something that can be appreciated by kids and adults.  I noticed a lot more adults without kids at this one than the other two Disney on Ices we’ve attended.  It’s an enjoyable evening and I hope to see whatever Disney on Ice show comes to Philadelphia next year!


Will you be going to see (or did you see) Frozen on Ice?

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