Glass Slipper Challenge Training – 6 weeks to go

week 12

It was a pretty big week for my run training.  I only got in 3 of the 4 runs, but I managed the long run, which is the furthest distance I’ve ever gone!  And now that we’re 6 weeks away my costume is really starting to come together.  I made my shirt for the half the other day!


I did my long run at the beginning of the week rather than the end, on Sunday.  That’s because it was an amazing 55 degrees last Sunday!  Crazy considering by Tuesday we were looking at 10 degrees.  So I did my 11 miles, and it wasn’t too bad!  I was definitely feeling it by the end, and it’s hard to imagine doing 2 more, but I’m sure by the time the half rolls around I’ll be able to.

week 12 sun

Wednesday I did one of my short runs on the treadmill.  A good treadmill pace and no complaints, other than I wish it wasn’t so darn cold here so I could run outside!

week 12 wed

Thursday I was back at the gym on the treadmill, with a run pretty much identical to Wednesday’s.  At least I’m being consistent!

week 12 thurs


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