Runner’s Guide: Clif bars and more

clifOne of the most important things when it comes to running is fuel.  And that includes what you put into your body before, during, and after running.  This is especially true for long distances, and if you’re training for a Disney race you’ll probably want to investigate some of the fuel options.  Clif, the company best known for making Clif bars, has a variety of options to help you out and they were kind enough to send me some samples to review.

I can honestly say that Clif products are my absolute favorite when it comes to fuel.  I’ll talk about the different things in a moment, but I pretty much swear by their shot bloks as my fuel of choice for any time I’m going to be running longer than an hour.  They manage to make things that work but also taste good.

Clif Bars

Clif bar

Clif Bars are energy bars that are made with organic ingredients.  It’s kind of like a granola bar, but packed with things to give you energy and endurance.  These can be eaten before, during, or after activity, but I like them before running.  I have a very picky stomach, and there are few things that my stomach can handle before a run.  Luckily, Clif bars are something I found that really works for me, especially for morning runs.  I also try to keep one or half of one on me when I run, because if my stomach craves something a little more substantial, this is the perfect solution.

Sometimes when I’m in a rush in the morning and don’t have time to make breakfast, I’ll grab one of these instead.  They keep me full almost til lunch time, which is perfect.  They have a wide variety of flavors, most of which I’ve found are delicious.  My favorites are blueberry crisp, coconut chocolate chip, and the seasonal iced gingerbread.  That was so delicious for this time of year!

Clif Shot Bloks

clif bloks

When it comes to fuel while running, everyone talks about gu.  And I did not like the consistency of gu at all.  It’s just not for me.  So I was seeking out other options and found a few chews made my various companies.  These were much better in terms of consistency for me, but the Clif Shot Bloks by far tasted the best.  They give me a little boost of energy to keep going.  I generally take one every 30 minutes or so (a bit less than recommended, but that’s what I found works for me).

I don’t eat much candy because I’m trying to be healthy, so eating these on my run is like a little treat!  My absolute favorite flavor is the tropical punch, but I also really enjoyed orange and cran-razz, though none of the flavors I’ve had were bad.  I seriously can’t recommend these enough, they are what get me through my long runs!

Clif Shot Energy Gel

clif gel

If you go prefer taking a gel rather than chewing something while on your run, Clif has some energy gels as well.  I tried the strawberry on the run.  I didn’t find the consistency to be quite as offensive to me as gu, but I still definitely just don’t like a gel.  However, I could appreciate that the flavor was very good.  I had the strawberry.  And it certainly worked to give me energy!  One thing I like about Clif’s gels is the packaging.  They actually have a “litter leash” so you can attach it to yourself easily while on the move!

Protein Recovery Drink

clif protein

This is for after activity.  It’s basically a protein powder, and you can mix it in with water, almond milk, a smoothie, or whatever you prefer.  I will say upfront that I don’t like protein powders.  They just always have a funny taste to me.  I didn’t love this one, but it was actually way better than other protein powders I tried.  The orange-mango flavor actually went really well in my smoothie, so I didn’t mind it too much!  They only have two flavors available right now, the orange-mango and chocolate, but I’m sure they’ll be coming out with more soon.

Clif bars are my favorite source of energy for running!  What’s yours?

3 thoughts on “Runner’s Guide: Clif bars and more

  1. I didn’t know Clif made a gel! I tried Shot Bloks, and they were fine, but I didn’t like the chewing.and sucking of teeth afterwards – it just made for too much work. Gu is usually my standby, though the consistency is really gross. I like how Clif added a little handle to theirs packet! that was always a thing with Gu, I had to pierce through it to put on my belt.

  2. I haven’t tried any of the other Clif products, but I adore the Clif peanut butter bars and eat one for breakfast every day. Convenient, healthy and fills me up for hours. And doesn’t upset my stomach if I run in the morning. We even get the oatmeal Clif Kids bars for my kids!

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