Glass Slipper Challenge – 5 weeks to go


Cold, cold, go away, come again some other day!  In case you hadn’t guessed, I was stuck on the treadmill this week.  Three treadmill runs.  On a related running note, if you didn’t see it I just did a review of Clif products and all that they have to offer to runners (Clif energy bars, energy shot bloks, energy gels, and protein powder).  Clif bars are the best thing for me before a run, and their shot bloks are my fuel of choice while running!  So if you’re trying to figure out which fuels work for you, I highly recommend you try them.

gsc week 13

This was one of the “in between” weeks that didn’t have a long run, which I’ve been pretty consistent on.  No real surprises here, a pretty typical week – no complaints from me!

gsc week 13 mon

gsc week 13 tues

gsc week 13 thurs

On Thursday’s four mile run I intended to take it easy, since I had plans to do my long, 13.1 mile run the next day.  However, I didn’t take it as easy as I thought I would!  I just got in the groove, I guess.  But I do think it will be good practice for the Glass Slipper Challenge!

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