DVC Villas at the Grand Floridian

dvc grand4

On my last trip to Disney in October, I was lucky enough to stay in the newest DVC units at the Grand Floridian (newest until the ones at the Poly opens, anyway!).  These are housed in a separate building from the main Grand building, just a short walk away.

dvc grand fountain

When you enter the building you are greeted with a beautiful fountain, decorated with Mary Poppins penguins.  Everything looks and feels so new.  I know some people aren’t fond of the themeing of the Grand, but I love that Victoria style era, and Mary Poppins fits in perfectly (elements for the movie occur again in the room décor).

dvc grand3

We had a 1 bedroom villa, and the first thing that you saw when you walked in was the kitchen.  And it was a beautiful kitchen!  There’s a fridge, oven, cabinets – everything that you could possibly need.  The kitchen has a little nook with a table and chairs for eating as well.  If you go to your right when you come in there is a small hallway that leads to the bathroom, and in that hallway you’ll also find a washer and dryer.

The bathroom has two separate sections with a door that shuts between them.  One portion of the bathroom has a sink, toilet, and an extremely large shower.  You could fit a whole crowd in there!  The other half of the bathroom has a tub and a sink area.  The mirror in this part of the bathroom even has a built in TV, so you can watch something while you’re in the tub!  While it would have been ideal to have two toilets, even having the two sink areas was nice when we were sharing the space with five people.

dvc grand2

Continuing on past the kitchen you’ll find the living area.  There’s a chair and a couch that pulls out into a bed.  Across from the couch you’ll find a TV, and below the TV is the “hidden” bed!  It folds down from the TV stand, and that’s where I slept for the trip.  It was surprisingly more comfortable than I would have thought, and it had a beautiful painting and quote from Mary Poppins.  I’m sure it would work really well for a kid, but it did the trick for me too!

dvc grand6

The 1 bedroom villa has a large balcony that has two entrance points – one set of doors from the living room, and one set from the bedroom.  We had a lovely view looking toward the main building of the Grand, where the monorail comes and goes.

dvc grand5

The bedroom itself has a gorgeous bed, a TV, and a large walk in closet.  There’s also another entrance to the bathroom from here.

dvc grand

I definitely fell in love with our room here at the DVC Grand Floridian.  I don’t own DVC so I probably won’t get a chance to stay here very often, but I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity this time around.  If you have the chance to stay here, definitely do it!

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