Kill, Refurb, Marry – Disney Sidekicks

Every month my friends over at Mouse on the Mind host a blog hop of “Kill, Refurb, Marry” – and this month’s topic is Disney Sidekicks!  Here are my choices – what would you choose?

Kill – Cheshire Cat


To be fair, he is a cool character – I want to kill him more in the sense of, “gahh I hate you!” rather than “I wish you weren’t in this film.”  He’s not necessarily a villain, but he’s a troublemaker, and he doesn’t seem to feel bad at all for Alice, even when she’s at her wit’s end and crying about home.  He’ll always point her in the wrong direction.  And I’m a cat lover, so he gives my cuddly creatures a bad name!

Refurb – Tinkerbell


In many ways Tinkerbell already has been refurbed, and this is something I approve of and think was desperately needed.  Because she’s a fairy she became the icon of the Disney Parks and one of the most popular characters – but if you go back and watch the original movie, she’s really a witch (with a “b”).  She tries to kill Wendy and doesn’t really feel bad about it.  Everything she does is just annoying or downright mean.  I’m glad they’ve turned her around so she can still be a symbol for the parks, but I’d go back to the original movie and give her a little more remorse and while she can still have attitude, make it in a more positive way that helps herself rather than brings down others.  Plus, as far as I know there’s no explanation of the change from her personality in Peter Pan to that in her own movies, which is pretty extreme, so it would be nice to know what’s going on with her.

Marry – Baymax


When it came time to do this I realized there are a plethora of sidekicks that I love.  My favorite character is every movie is usually a sidekick rather than the main character.  I could’ve picked Pascal, Lumiere, Timon, or a ton of others.  But if I have to marry one, I’m going to Baymax.  Big Hero 6 was a good movie, but the highlight was definitely Baymax.  He’s lovable and cuddly.  Plus, he’ll take care of you and provide health care service whenever you need it.  He’s loyal, will work hard to help you, and won’t give up until he’s completely satisfied that you are in a better place or condition.  What more could you ask for?

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9 thoughts on “Kill, Refurb, Marry – Disney Sidekicks

  1. Yeah, Tinker Bell is really a witch with a b! But, I also don’t like how much they’ve changed her in these new films. Surely, there’s a good balance somewhere.

    And I thought you’d prob want to marry Lumiere. I mean, he IS good with the ladies, after all 😉 !

  2. Fun post! I agree. I really enjoy the new Tinkerbell movies. Maybe it is just my expectations were super low so I was pleasantly surprised by the quality all around.

    Hmmm…who would I pick.
    Kill- Got to go with Gargoyles in Hunchback because they kind of ruin the movie by creating a tone that doesn’t work with rest of film.
    Refurb- Gurgi from Black Cauldron. I thought he was actually a lovely character but the voice didn’t work at all. He sounds like Donald Duck. Fix that!
    Marry- Baymax would be my second choice but I’ve still got to go with Genie from Aladdin. He will make you laugh and you aint never had a friend like him!

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