March 2015 monthly round-up

February was an exciting Disney month for me as I got to spend a week down in the world!  Our trip was packed with races, great food, fun times, and even a trip over to Universal to visit Diagon Alley.  Expect to see lots of blog posts about various things from my trip.  Big Hero 6 also just recently came out on DVD (I still have to pick up my copy!).  And finally, we are gearing up for the Flower and Garden festival, which I will be attending in April!

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enchanted 10k

My Enchanted 10k recap is up on the blog, but there will be lots more to come from my week in Disney, including a recap of the Half Marathon, some dining reviews, how I made my running costumes, and more.  Anything in particular you’d be curious to hear about?  I’m also still blazing my way through that Disney bucket list and will continue to post updates on that!  We are planning to go to Disneyland in September, so I may also be posting some planning stuff.  Finally, I’m still making my way through the Disney movies – just finished Peter Pan so I’ll have my thoughts on that up shortly!

Disney News


Other Disney Blogs


Image owned by Disney


The Disney Parks blog shares in-room gifts and surprises you can send, including a way to build your own basket or gift.  Sounds like a fun opportunity for a special occasion!

Not much at Animal Kingdom is cuter than baby animals, and they have a couple new additionsJambo Everyone shares the info on the newest little babes to join the safari.

Though I’m not usually into sports movies, the blog Reviewing all 54 Disney Animated Films and More has me intrigued about McFarland USA!


5 thoughts on “March 2015 monthly round-up

  1. The Avatar movie was on the other day and it reminded me that Disney was working on an Avatar land. I wonder if people are still interested in it. Perhaps Disney thought Avatar would be super popular like Star Wars. Of course, if Avatar Land is done well then I guess people will enjoy it even though they’re not particularly interested in the movie.

    • I think that will probably be the case. Some of the concept art looks interesting, so as long as they do it well with the theme of Animal Kingdom I think it will be fun to have something new there.

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