Making a Snow White running costume

snow white costume

I use the term “making” here a little liberally as I only actually made from scratch one part of my costume for the Enchanted 10k – the rest of more of how I put the costume together from various pieces I had or bought.  But I was really happy with how it turned out, so I wanted to share what I did to make my Snow White running costume!

raw threads

The shirt I used is from one of my favorite running shirt companies, Raw Threads.  They make shirts inspired by tons of Disney characters.  I actually got this one as part of a mystery pack that I had ordered, which is when you can get three shirts at a discounted bundle price, but you don’t know which ones you’ll get.  Receiving this one is actually what inspired me to do a Snow White costume!  Even if you don’t want to do something like this, any blue running shirt will work for the costume.  I just like the bow with the apple because it adds a bit extra “Snow White” to it.


For the skirt I used another one of my favorite companies, Rock City Skirts.  I love their light, sparkly skirts for running and plan to use them for most, if not all, of my future running costumes!  I actually already had this yellow/gold running skirt from the Enchanted 10k last year, when I put together my Belle costume.  And I did a full review of Rock City Skirts that you can check out here!  Any yellow or gold running skirt would work to make this costume though.

kiss2The headband I got as part of a set from Kiss A Belle Boutique.  I was sent both the tutu and the headband to do a review.  Even though she doesn’t have the headband listed on her Etsy shop, you can definitely message her and I’m willing to bet she can make it for you!  I love this one because it’s really unique and different from anything else I’ve seen out there.  I would definitely recommend something with a red bow because it’s iconic to the Snow White look.

snow white costume

The part that I actually made was the Snow White sleeves, and I really think they bring the whole thing together!  I found a tutorial from another blog for how to make them using tulle.  It was a little tricky but I think they turned out well.  I just used elastic and red and blue tulle.  The only problem is I couldn’t get my sewing machine to work, so I ended up using a hot glue gun.  It held well, but the sewing machine would have been a lot easier!


Finally, because it was only in the 40s on race day, I added race sleeves and leggings as a last minute addition.  Because it was so last minute, I used the same race sleeves from my Belle costume from Run Alice Run.  It worked because they were yellow, and I just turned the roses on the inside so they wouldn’t be seen.  If I had planned sleeves ahead of time I probably would have picked blue, but this worked.  The leggings were just cheap yellow ones I got on Amazon.

snow white

All in all, it put together a pretty fun costume!  I’ve now checked Belle, Anna, and Alice off of my costume list.  Who should I dress as next?


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