Stridebox Review – February 2015


I got my first Stridebox in February, which is a subscription box designed especially for runners.  It can include all sorts of goodies and equipment, and I was looking forward to seeing what was inside!  The cost is $15 a month.

stridebox 1

I think the “biggest” item in this box was a pair of touchscreen gloves.  I will say that these weren’t super useful to me.  My husband had just gotten me really nice touchscreen gloves for Christmas that are wonderful.  I wore these a couple of times, including for a 10k race.  They are fine, your typical cheap glove material, but the touchscreen aspect didn’t work that well.  Kind of a dud for me.stridebox 3

Also included was a Picky Bar, which is an energy bar.  I got the flavor Cookie Doughphness.  I was a bit surprised at the texture – I expected it to be like a clif bar but it was way more chewy.  However, it tasted really good!  And I can be very picky (no pun intended!) with this sort of thing.

stridebox 4

A stick of chapstick is always something that’s useful, both for running in the cold weather and just in daily life!  It had a nice minty flavor.  I liked the fact that it was also more “flat” than a regular round tube of chapstick, so it could tuck into my flipbelt more easily.

skratch labs

I was looking forward to this warm energy drink, because a nice warm apple cinnamon beverage before a run in the winter sounds so good!  And the taste was fine, but the powder itself was odd.  No matter how much I stirred and mixed it, the powder just wouldn’t blend and would mostly settle to the bottom.  So that was another dud.


And then comes the two things I won’t use.  Protein coffee powder.  I’m not a coffee drinker, and if I have to have it then it must be very flavored.  This is just not for me.

chia surge

And I don’t use gels when I run because I can’t get past the consistency.  I usually use a chew like the Clif shot bloks.  I bet these were fun things to try for other people though!

stridebox 2

There was a “bonus” item that wasn’t listed on the included card, and that was a sampling of Nuun energy.  Nuun is an energy beverage I really enjoy and buy, so I’m always happy to have a bit more of it!

Overall I wasn’t super impressed with this Stridebox.  Some of that is just because of my personal preference, but two of the products I used were disappointing, and two of them are not things that I will use.  I like that this box was clearly geared toward cold, winter running.  I do look forward to seeing what comes next month!

4 thoughts on “Stridebox Review – February 2015

  1. I am going to sign up for this! It’s too bad that you ended up with some stuff that you can’t use this month, though. I love goodie boxes, and I didn’t know that they had one for runners! I did Stitch Fix for several months, and the first one was great, and they got progressively worse until I was just paying the fee every month and not keeping anything. I subscribed to Bark Box for my dogs for awhile, and I got the Hello Fresh food boxes for several months. I love your blog, by the way! I just found it a few days ago. I too am a Disney fanatic!

    • Thank you so much! I think Stridebox is a great idea and that’s the thing with these boxes, there may be things you don’t use – but a lot is to just discover new things so I’m looking forward to whatever else comes in the future. I do Stitch Fix too and it’s still going pretty well, but I know if I got some dud boxes I would cancel too because it’s definitely pricey if you don’t love anything.

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