Crafter Spotlight: Magical Ribbons

The seller I’m featuring today has a special spot on our list because she isn’t technically an Etsy seller.  She makes all her own items but sells them through her own website, Magical Ribbons.  I am very lucky that another Etsy seller told me about her shop, so that I was able to find her!

There are lots of Disney inspired hair ribbons on Etsy.  Some are a lot nicer than others.  But Magical Ribbons has some gorgeous, high quality stuff – and there are tons of different options for almost any movie or character you could imagine.  Even the lesser known movies, like the Black Cauldron, are represented. I spent more time than I’d care to admit browsing all of the pretty bows, and imagining which ones I’d get if I had unlimited money!


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Etsy Spotlight: Amanda Jane Designs

P1080366There’s a lot of Disney jewelry available, but a lot of the official stuff is a little bit too over the top and cheap looking… or the stuff that is classy is really expensive.  However, Etsy is a great way to find amazing Disney jewelry!  My favorite seller that I came across was Amanda Jane Designs.  Her work is subtle but full of Disney magic.  It combines charms and a phrase relating to the Disney movie it references.

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Kathleen McCready Art: Giveaway and Review!

art giveaway

I’m so excited to bring you another great giveaway and review from one of our fabulous Etsy sellers in the holiday gift guide!  Today we’ll be featuring Kathleen McCready Art.


Kathleen does incredible artwork with letters and words.  She creates personalized name paintings with the letters made out of Disney inspired characters.  There are princesses, princes, pirates, and fairies available.  A popular choice is to have a name created out of these letters, but you can also choose to go with a word, like Believe (the one I got) or Smile (the one that we’re giving away!)

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Etsy Spotlight: Queen of Cases

I have searched far and wide for a case for my phone that I liked.  Every time I went to Disney World I searched the racks of phone cases hopelessly, praying that there would be a cover for my Motorola Razr.  But alas, it was never to be.  Almost every case is for the iPhone, with a few for the next Samsung Galaxy.   So as much as I admired those Disney designs, i seemed I would never have a Disney case for my phone.


And then I discovered the Queen of Cases on Etsy.  Not only did she have neat Disney designs, but she could make them for my phone!!  I was in heaven.  There are so many great things I could tell you about this Etsy shop, but let me start with just a few.

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Etsy Spotlight: DoodleBug Bows

Up next on our featured Etsy Spotlights is a store called DoodleBug Bowtique.  They make a variety of embroidered t-shirts and other items that can be personalized.  They have a ton of interesting designs and their shirts would be great for many occasions, including a family trip to Disney World!  It would be the perfect way to have matching shirts that are still personalized.


I was sent one of their t-shirts for review.  The one pictured above is what I received.  One of the things that I really like about this design is the fact that it’s a more subtle design, perfect for adults that may not want to be over the top with their Disney t-shirts.  With a simple Minnie Mouse head in the pocket area, it’s a nice way to represent your love for Disney, and is a shirt that you could feel comfortable wearing not just in the parks, but on a daily basis.

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Etsy Spotlight: Roaring Kids

Today I’m happy to bring you a review of another one of the Etsy shops featured in our Holiday gift guide.  The shop we’re featuring today is Roaring Kids, which makes American Girl doll clothes.  She has a variety of cute skirts, pants, and t-shirts, but the thing that really stands out for us Disney lovers in her Minnie Mouse outfit!  This would be perfect for the young Disney fan who owns an American Girl doll, or those of us who still have our American Girl dolls 😉


After receiving the the outfit, I had to decide which of my five American Girl dolls would get to wear it.  Yes, I own five of them from my childhood – Kirsten, Felicity, Molly, Josefina, and Kit.  Obviously Kit was the winner!  I thought her short hair would look cute with the Minnie ears.  And I think I was right!  Kit is absolutely adorable in this Minnie costume.  Now that I’ve got her all dressed up, she is sitting on the shelf in my Disney themed guest room.  A perfect touch!

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Disney Etsy Holiday Gift Guide

etsy holiday gift guide

It’s that time of year when it’s time to start thinking about Christmas presents!  Buying presents for a Disney lover can be difficult, especially Disney adults.  Many of the items available are too childlike, or else Disney fans already own a lot of what is out there.  Then I discovered Etsy.  There are so many amazing crafters on there that create unique and original pieces that would be perfect for a Disney lover!  Whether you’re buying for someone else, want to get something special for yourself, or you’re trying to put together a list of items you might want for the holidays, odds are very good that there will be something you like.

There is a complete listing of the items in our gift guide up on the bar at the top of the page, under “Disney Etsy Holiday Gift Guide.”  There are 4 categories – accessories, clothing, for kids, and miscellaneous.  In addition, throughout the next few months I will be sharing spotlights on certain Etsy shops with an up-close look at their products.  Finally, we’ll have a few giveaways thrown in too – because what’s a holiday season without a little giving?

Check out the full Disney Etsy Gift Guide here.

What’s your favorite item on the list?  What would you like to see more of?