Make your own Belle Halloween costume


I was super excited about the chance to go to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party for the very first time, and if course one of the first things on my mind was my costume. I absolutely love costumes and getting dressed up.  Part of this may come from my experience in theater, but I will wear costumes whenever possible.  Halloween, of course, races, and murder mystery parties that we throw once or twice a year.  Of course for this year I was going to have to go with a Disney costume.


Since I went with a big group of friends, we all tried to do Disney costumes but didn’t want to duplicate anyone else. The answer for who I wanted to be was pretty obvious – I went with Belle, my absolute favorite princess.  We created a doc ahead of time where we signed up for our character, and I put my name down way back in May or something like that, and didn’t really think about it again til August.

I started searching around for Belle costumes, and found that there was nothing I really liked. All of the ones for women were either ridiculously expensive, very cheap looking and not authentic, or way too revealing.  So I decided I would have to try and create my own costume.  The process was frustrating at times, but I’m ultimately happy with how my costume turned out.  Since I’m not really a sewer I knew I wasn’t making anything from scratch – so here are the steps I took.

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Giveaway! Runner’s Guide: Sparkly Soul Headbands


There are lots of headband options out there for runners, but one of my absolute favorites is Sparkly Soul.  I’ve collected many different types over the past year or two, but when Sparkly Soul agreed to send me one for review I was excited because they look so pretty.  And I can honestly say that it is now the one that I wear most often!

Let’s start with the fit.  I’ve had other headbands that just didn’t fit quite right, and I even had one that fell off in the middle of a race and I had to jog back a little bit to pick it up.  However, my Sparkly Soul headband doesn’t seem to move at all.  It’s thin and light so you can hardly feel it, so I was a little worried that maybe it had fallen off – but no, it was exactly where I had left it!  I honestly can’t really feel that it’s there, but it does an excellent job of holding all of my hair back while I run.



And they look awesome!  They’re perfect for a Disney run, but especially a Princess run because I know most princesses love a little bling and sparkle!  They have their sparkly headbands in pretty much any color you can imagine, with various shades of colors as well (there are at least 3 different shades of pink you can get).  And if you don’t want just one color, there are striped headbands as well that had multiple colors on them.  If you’re not so into the sparkles, there are still options for you.  They have a line of satin headbands that also come in a variety of colors, as well as different patterns or logos.

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Runner’s Guide: Kiss-a-Belle Boutique

run kiss

Disney races are all about tutus these days!  And that’s why I’m thrilled to bring you a great tutu seller on Etsy, Kiss-a-Belle Boutique.  She has some super cute ones that are available in her shop right now, but she’s also willing to create any Disney tutu that you want!  So if there’s a character you want to see represented in a tutu, send her a message and she will make something for you.


For this review I was sent a Snow White inspired tutu.  And when I opened the box and saw it, I immediately fell in love with.  So much so that I’m now strongly considering a Snow White costume for a future Disney race – she was not on the initial list of the many Disney characters I want to run as (I’m doing Alice in Wonderland this October, and for February I was deciding between Anna, Esmeralda, Elsa, and Vanellope).  I’m planning to do the Princess Half Marathon and the 5k in February, so now I’m thinking Snow White will definitely be my costume for one of those!

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Giveaway! Runner’s Guide: One More Mile

omm giveaway

Today I’m excited to bring you a review and giveaway from one of my absolute favorite running shirt companies – One More Mile!  Their specialty is funny running slogans, and they have a ton you can choose from on their website!  They have a number of Disney related running slogans, including “Forget the Glass Slippers – this Princess wears running shoes!”, “3.1, 6.2, 13.1, 26.2… this was a Dopey idea!” and “13.1 Miles – run like a Princess” with a crown.

For this review I chose a Star Wars inspired shirt, which seems especially appropriate now that there is a RunDisney Star Wars race!  I loved the cleverness of this slogan “May the course be with you.”  The perfect way to tie in Star Wars and running!


They sent me this shirt in their new Heather Tech material, and it is super comfy and perfect for running.  I wear this shirt a lot, especially when it’s warm out, because it feels so light and airy.  Now that it’s summer and it’s hot this is just what I need.  It doesn’t feel all sweaty and gross after a run (even though the rest of me does!).  In fact, I’m sitting here wearing it right now because I just finished my run for today!

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ToT 10 miler training: 17 weeks to go

Week 2 of my training!  Still pretty easy going in terms of distance.  Despite having a very busy week, I did manage to squeeze in my runs so I’m rather proud of that!  One of the things I’ve been thinking about for the Tower of Terror 10 miler is my costume.  I’m doing Alice in Wonderland and I have a tutu and a shirt.  Now I have two more parts of my costume I want to figure out.  I need a headband and compression socks.  I was looking at these socks on the Running Skirts website:


I wanted to get the blue ones because I think it would go well with my Alice costume.  But unfortunately, they’re out of stock.  I don’t know if/when they’ll be coming back.  I should’ve bought then when I had the chance!  Not sure what I’ll do now.

galloway week 2

So for my Monday run I was extremely happy with my pace!  I was worried I’d get caught in the rain but I headed out as soon as I was done with work.  Did half an hour, got into my car to drive home… and it started downpouring.  Luck was definitely with me!

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Giveaway! Runner’s Guide: Milestone Sports Jewelry

giveaway milestone

If you’re a proud Disney runner, you might want a subtle way to show off your passion even when you’re not running or in a Disney park.  For some truly gorgeous Princess themed running jewelry, make sure you take a look at Milestone Sports Jewelry.  They have lots of items in a variety of price ranges, so you can find something no matter what your budget or style.  They also have some apparel items and other accessories, but for this review I’m going to be focusing on their gorgeous jewelry.

They recently re-did their website, and it looks great!  Lots of stuff to choose from, easy to navigate – and the best part is that there’s a whole section of just their “princess collection.”

Milestone sports - glass slipper bracelet

Before I get to the items that I specifically reviewed, I want to talk about some of the other things on their site.  They have necklaces, bracelets, charms, and beads in the jewelry department.  Some are race specific, so you can show off a particular race you completed or a distance you ran, and some are more general Disney/Princess running themed items.  One of the things that I really love is the charms they have available.  When I was in high school I did theater, and my mom would get me a charm for my charm bracelet related to each show I had done.  I love the idea of doing something similar for running – having a charm bracelet and getting a charm for each big race you complete!  For instance, the Princess slipper charm would be perfect for the Glass Slipper Challenge.  And I could get the wine bottle charm for the Run the Vineyards race I just completed last month 😉

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Runner’s Guide: Maleficent Tutu from Rachel McGrew


There’s a lot of Maleficent mania going on right now, what with the new Angelina Jolie movie out this past weekend (look for my review up on the blog hopefully tomorrow!).  And the best part is, now runners can get in on the action with this great tutu from Etsy seller Rachel McGrew.  This item would make for an outstanding costume for any Disney race, but especially the upcoming Tower of Terror 10 miler in October, which is always followed by a villains bash in Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

First, let’s start with how this tutu looks.  To sum it up in a word: Awesome!  The colors are absolutely perfect.  It has black, purple, and green, which definitely represent Maleficent.  I really love the fact that she uses a vibrant, almost neon green tulle, because it really livens up the tutu and makes it stand out against the other colors.  A great bit of detail on this tutu is the fact that there are pieces of it where the tulle is braided.  I haven’t seen that on a tutu before and I love the effect that it has.  I don’t really know exactly how to describe it, but I almost feel like the braids capture Maleficent from the film so well – it’s like the represent the angular nature of her face, horns, and cape, and really add some dynamic to the tutu.

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Runner’s Guide: Foxy Baby


T-shirts are very important to runners – not just to find good ones to run in, but also to show off your accomplishments!  Sure, you can get the free t-shirts they usually give you during a race, but if you really want to wear your pride with style then consider an Etsy shop like Foxy Baby.  She has some absolutely gorgeous rhinestone running shirt iron-on transfers.




For this review I received a shirt with two of the transfers (front and back).  The iron-on that was on the front of the shirt is really gorgeous.  It’s very detailed, with a ton of rhinestones to make it super sparkly 🙂  It has a tiara with 19.3 on it (to represent the Glass Slipper Challenge), and the words “Run like a Princess.”  I really like the balance of colors.  While most of the iron-on is white (which usually shows up the best for pictures), it also has blue and pink, which really livens it up a bit.

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