Recipe: Anna and Elsa inspired drinks

Have you heard of Cocktails by Cody?  If not, you should probably go check out his facebook now.  He’s invented a ton of Disney inspired cocktails, and has a lot of them up on his facebook page.  He’s also working on a book with all of his recipes, including the exact measurements (which are missing from his facebook page, so you have to do a little bit of a experimenting and guessing).  I can’t wait until that e-book comes out as I’ll definitely be getting it, but until then the drinks that are available are a lot of fun to try and make!

For my Frozen themed birthday party I decided to try serving the two Frozen inspired drinks.  The first one is called Coldfront, and it is themed after Elsa.


Coldfront consists of white chocolate liqueur, peppermint schnapps, Malibu rum, and milk.  It’s a pretty unique combination – I wouldn’t think I’d enjoy milk in a cocktail, and Malibu rum really makes me think of summer and tropical drinks.  But everything worked together really well.  I think this was the favorite out of the two drinks.  It was surprisingly sweet as well as sharp thanks to the peppermint.  Very refreshing!

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Recipe: Lapu Lapu from the Polynesian

lapu lapu

This is one of those “infamous Disney drinks” that you simply must get when you eat or drink at the Poly!  During my February visit to Disney World I was lucky enough to have dinner at Ohana for the first time.  That was an experience in and of itself, but one of the many highlights was finally being able to try this great pineapple drink!  I recreated my own version at home (unfortunately I didn’t have a pineapple to serve it in, but it still tasted good!).  I also changed the recipe very slightly.  It calls for the drink to be topped off with Bacardi 151, but the Lapu Lapu is a pretty alcoholic drink to begin with, so I left that out of mine.  If you want to be as authentic as possible you would probably want to add it, but if you’re looking for something not quite as strong it’s still just as good without the 151.

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Crafty Corner: Disney Recipe Box

disney recipe box

I don’t know about you, but I love to collect Disney park recipes to try and replicate my favorite food and drink from the parks.  I’ve already posted the recipe for 1900 Park Fare’s Strawberry Soup and Wild Africa Trek’s Curried Chicken Salad.  I put all of my recipes onto cards, and then decided I needed a recipe box – so I set forth to make one!


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Recipe: Curried Chicken Salad from the Wild Africa Trek


After going on the Wild Africa Trek a few weeks ago, there were a lot of things that I loved.  But aside from seeing all of the animals, I couldn’t get over how delicious the lunch was!  We were given a little bucket with samples of many different things, but my favorite by far was the Curried Chicken Salad.  I was lucky enough to find the recipe right on the Disney Parks blog, so I set out to make it myself.

On the Wild Africa Trek - the chicken curry is on the bottom right corner.

On the Wild Africa Trek – the chicken curry is on the bottom right corner.

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Recipe: Strawberry Soup from 1900 Park Fare


Thanks to Pinterest, I’ve been able to find a number of Disney recipes that I hope to make at home one day.  I finally got around to trying one of these, and decided to go with the Strawberry Soup from 1900 Park Fare!  The recipe I used was originally found on the DIS Boards, but I’ve adapted it slightly to what I found made the best soup for me.  The major alterations I made were that I used fresh strawberries instead of frozen, and I added a little more sugar than the original recipe called for (it tasted too “yogurt-y” to me at first, plus I like things sweet!)  If you’re interested in making it yourself I’m here to share the recipe with you!

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