A Personal Film Festival

Another blogger over at The Animation Commendation tagged me in a post to create my own personal film festival – basically, a list of my favorite films from each year that I’ve been alive.  I’ll try to pass along the fun by tagging some other bloggers as well!  You’ll see a lot of Disney movies on this list, but maybe a few others as well.  I did some honorable mentions too since I have such a love of Disney, but enjoy other films too!   I talk about Disney a lot on here (obviously), but this will also give you a glimpse into other things I enjoy.

1988:  Who Framed Roger Rabbit


1989:  The Little Mermaid

little mermaid
Honorable Mention:  Dead Poets Society

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Kill, Refurb, Marry: Disney Princesses

Uh oh.  This month’s Kill, Marry, Refurb theme is Disney Princesses – which means I’m killing, marrying, and refurbing (?) actual human beings!  The murder didn’t seem so bad when it was just a Disney ride.  I know this one will be hard, but also interesting.  I love the princesses, many of them.  For this I’m going to consider both how the princesses are presented in their respective movies, but also their presence in the parks.  I’m also only including the “official” princesses.  So that includes Mulan and Pocahontas, but not people like Esmeralda or Megara.

Kill – Aurora

Aurora - another classic Princess found at Akershus and Cindy's Table.

Aurora – another classic Princess found at Akershus and Cindy’s Table.

I’m sorry Aurora!  I really, really didn’t want to kill any princesses.  And I enjoy Sleeping Beauty.  But if I absolutely have to, I guess I would kill Aurora because we just don’t get to know her as well as some of the other princesses.  After all, she spends half of her movie sleeping.  I can’t think of any unique personality traits that come to mind about her, so I feel like she’s rather undeveloped as a character.  I’m sure she would be quite lovely if we got to know her, but if I’m forced to choose one to kill then the princess that does the least to stand out is Aurora.

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Aladdin on Broadway


For my birthday weekend, I was lucky enough to be able to go and see Aladdin on Broadway.  I love the movie, and wasn’t sure what to expect from the musical – but I was blown away and absolutely loved it!

Of course it includes the songs from the movie, but it adds new ones as well.  “Proud of Your Boy,” which Aladdin sings, had originally been written for the movie but then cut (you might have heard it on a special features DVD).  Then there are some new ones written just for the Broadway show.  I’m always a little apprehensive about things like this, because the songs that are in the movie are so well known – can the new ones possibly live up?  The answer is yes.  I loved the classics, but I loved the new ones too.  But hands down the highlight of the show was “Friend Like Me.”  They expanded this song and went all out – it was an incredible showstopper.  It’s the first time I’ve ever seen a standing ovation mid-show!  I can’t wait to buy the soundtrack when it comes out in mid-June.

aladdin stage

Another highlight of the show was the visuals.  The set and costumes were beautiful. There were so many costumes, and they were simply stunning.  They were also very sparkly.  The friend that I went to see the show with thought it was distracting, but I liked it. If you like bling and bright colors you’ll love the visuals here!  If not, bring your sunglasses 😉  I’m surprised the costumes didn’t get a Tony nomination, but perhaps those that nominate were also put off by the sparkles!


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May 2014 monthly round up

April showers bring May flowers, right? I can’t wait for that! May at Disney brings the end of Flower and Garden festival, and introduces Star Wars weekends! We also expect to see the opening of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.  And even if you won’t be in the theme parks, there’s still some Disney to look forward to – Maleficent, starring Angelina Jolie, will premiere at the end of this month.

Disney in your Day news

disney running gear guide

The biggest thing that has been happening here on the blog is our Runner’s Gear Guide and giveaways!  I’ve been able to feature some great Disney running related products, as well as give away a number of them.  Plus, there are many more to come this month as well.  In the next month or two I’m also hoping to bring back the Disney restaurant tournament, with what I feel may be the hardest category yet – Resort Restaurants.  Finally, I got to see Aladdin on Broadway a few weeks ago and I will be sharing my thoughts on that quite soon!

Disney News

MyMagic+ Takes the Guest Experience to a New Level with MagicBands

  • This summer on Saturday evenings Disney’s Animal Kingdom will be hosting “Harambe Nights,” an exciting private event that includes food and entertainment.  It sounds awesome and I wish I could be there!
  • The FastPass+ System is changing.  Now, after you use your three fastpasses for the day, you can get more.  Park hopping will also be available.
  • Disney Infinity 2.0 will be coming this fall!  And with it, a whole bunch of Marvel figures and levels.
  • A new Disney Channel movie called “Descendants,” about the children of Disney villains, will be coming in 2015.  It’s just been announced that Kristin Chenoweth will be playing Maleficent!

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April 2014 monthly round up

I’ve never been so happy to see April because it seems like the weather is finally changing!  Honestly, all the snow these past few months has been frustrating and depressing.  It seems like spring is finally arriving!  April is also my birthday month, and I’ll be celebrating by having a Frozen themed party 🙂

Disney in your Day news

disney running gear guide

The most exciting thing I have to share with you was announced about a week ago – I’ll be doing a Disney Running Gear Guide!  And as part of that guide there will be lots of reviews and giveaways of Disney running related items.  Even if you’re not a runner, there’s cute outfits and things that could be useful for any type of fitness – or even every day wearing!  Right now I have enough giveaways planned for one a week for the next three months, so you’ll be in luck!

Aside from the guide coming, there are some Disney related things I’ll be doing this month that you can expect to see.  I’ll post about my Frozen themed birthday party.  I’m also going to see Aladdin on Broadway, so you’ll definitely hear about that!  You may also be seeing a guest blogger sharing her Disney dining experiences, which I can’t wait to hear about.  And this isn’t exactly Disney related, but I’m running the Hershey 10k this month, so I may do a post on the differences between a Disney race and another big race if people are interested.

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A Fairy Tale Inspired Murder Mystery Party

While it’s not strictly Disney related, about a year ago I threw a murder mystery party that had a fairy tale theme – and I feel like that’s something that Disney fans might be interested in!  You could very easily add a lot of details to make it Disney-oriented, even if the mystery itself isn’t from Disney.


I had hosted a number of murder mystery parties with different themes before, but I was especially excited about this one.  It is called Once upon a Murder, and it’s a downloadable party from Night of Mystery.  You can print everything right from your computer that you’ll need, and depending on which version you purchase it can hold anywhere from 8-80 guests.  We got the version for 8-12 people, and had 12 at our party.

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Bucket List: Meet all of the Disney Princes

bucket list - princes

One of the other items on my bucket list was to meet all of the Disney Princesses.  The Princes, however, are a lot harder to find.  Some of them pop up frequently enough to check off the list, and others are almost impossible.

Flynn Rider:

Though Flynn has technically become a prince since marrying Rapunzel, you won’t find him in Princely outfits!  A few years ago he was out doing meet and greets with Rapunzel, but ever since Merida took over that area you find Rapunzel on her own.  Rumor has it though that Flynn can still be found in Disneyland and Tokyo Disney, as well as on special occasions (like True Love week this past February).


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