Signature resort restaurants – Final round


We’re down to the last two in this restaurant tournament!  It was insanely close between the last two match ups – both of them were decided by just one or two votes.  While Victoria and Albert’s is probably technically the best restaurant on the list, I’m not surprised it didn’t quite make the cut just because many people haven’t been able to try it due to the price.  So that leaves us with Jiko and Ohana!  Which one do you prefer?


Disney Resorts Restaurant Tournament: And the winner is…


It came down to two solid restaurant choices – Sanaa vs. Kona Café.  Both serving unique cuisine in some of the most popular resorts.  But which would win: the African influenced foods at Sanaa, or the tropical tastes of Kona?  Here’s your winner…

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Kill, Refurb, Marry: WDW Resorts

I first remember playing this game with friends in middle school, on our way to some sort of field trip.  Of course, then it was “kill, date, marry,” and we giggled a lot about all of the boys in our class.  However, the game has been taking on a new form in the blogging world, thanks to Melissa Sue from Mouse on the Mind and Estelle at this Happy Place Blog!  They have been playing Kill, Refurb, and Marry with various Disney related places or attractions, and have invited other bloggers to join them in the game this week!

Today’s topic is the WDW resorts.  This is a bit of a tough one for me, and I know my choices may be a bit controversial!  But here goes…

KILL:  All Star Sports

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The All Stars are a good option for a value resort, but do we really need three of them?  Out of the choices, my least favorite theme is the sports.  I’m just not a sports fan, so it’s an obvious kill for me.  I’ve never stayed here, but I’ve heard it can get overcrowded with people from sports related conventions.  It also shares a bus with the other All Stars so that can get a bit crazy, in addition to being far from MK.  It’s the one resort that I really don’t have any desire to stay at, so for me it must go.

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Animal Kingdom Lodge Review

When I found out I would have the chance to stay at Animal Kingdom Lodge twice while at Disney this year, I was extremely excited.  The Animal Kingdom Lodge was like my dream resort.  Animal Kingdom is arguably my favorite park, and the safari is my favorite thing to do there.  So the idea of having those animals roaming around right where I was staying was incredible!



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