Thank you for a great 2014!


2014 was the first full calendar year that Disney in your Day was in existence (I started it in July 2013, so it didn’t have a full year in 2013).  Since then, I’m super excited and happy with how things have been going, but I’m also excited about what is to come in the future!  Above you can see how many views I’ve gotten the past year, as well as our most popular day (my dad’s birthday!  The “Finding Disney in Once upon a Time” pin on Pinterest went viral that day).  I write about things I love, but I also want to write about things you want to hear about.  So that brings me to my big question for 2015:

What would you like to see covered on the blog?

It can be anything – theme parks, movies, more running stuff, or something I haven’t talked about much before, like Disney weddings.  What would you most like to read about?  Do you want more reviews of Disney running stuff?  More Disney Etsy items?  Or ideas for another “guide” that you would love to see?

Top 10 Posts for 2014


To close out 2014, I want to take a look back at the top 10 posts from this year.  In case you missed them, here’s what was most popular with Disney in your Day readers:

10.  Recipe: Lapu Lapu from the Polynesian

lapu lapu
uch a good drink, and now you can make it at home!

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1 Year Blog-iversary!

Today is the anniversary for me of 1 year of blogging on Disney in your Day!  I can’t believe it’s been a year.  I love my blog and I’m excited that it has become what it is.  On July 9th, 2013 I created my welcome post, and my first real content post went up the following day, with a review of Monsters University.

Since then I have made 148 posts and have 920 Facebook followers.  I’ve held a number of giveaways and created the Etsy Gift Guide and the Running Gear Guide.  I’ve also created the Disney Restaurant Tournament, which I really enjoy seeing the outcome of!  In honor of this occasion I figured I’d go back and share a few of my favorite posts I’ve done in the past year.  Not the most popular but just the ones that mean the most to me or that I really like!

Traveling to Disney Solo

Don't be afraid to pose by  yourself for photopass pictures!

Don’t be afraid to pose by yourself for photopass pictures!

This was one of my earliest posts, first appearing on July 12th, 2013.  I had just returned from a solo trip and I was in love with it.  I was able to share how great solo travel was in this post, and the response I got from it was just overwhelming!  I was so impressed by how many other people enjoyed Disney by themselves, or were willing to try it and got encouragement from my post.  I hope I can go on another solo trip soon!

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Liebster Award


On April 13th I found out that I was tagged for a Liebster Award – but what exactly is that, you ask?  Good question, because I wasn’t sure either!  It’s an award that is given from one blogger to another to recognize them, and it’s to showcase smaller bloggers (those with 500 followers or less).  When you’re nominated you answer a series of questions posed by the blogger who nominated you, and then you nominate some blogs that you like as well!

I was tagged by The Animation Commendation!

Here are “the rules”:

1.  Thank the blogger who nominated you.
2.  Answer the 11 questions that they’ve asked.
3.  Nominate 11 other blogs (with less than 500 followers).
4.  Post 11 questions for your nominees to answer.
5.  Let your nominees know that you’ve chosen them with a comment.

And now it’s time for my answers!  Here they are, the answers to the questions that were posed to me by the Animation Commendation:

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A Look Back at 2013

2013 was the birth of Disney in your Day.  I started the blog in July, and it’s been a fantastic half a year.  This post marks my 64th published post on this blog!  I wanted to take the time to look back at some of the top posts (not counting giveaways, because those are always the most popular), in case you missed them, and also give thanks to some of my biggest supporters this year.

Top 10 posts of 2013

P105011310.  Never Have I Ever at Walt Disney World
It’s crazy to think there are things even crazy Disney fans haven’t done, but the parks are so huge that odds are good there are things you haven’t experienced.  I shared my list of attractions at Disney that I’ve never done.

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