Kill, Refurb, Marry: Disney Transportation

Kill:  Friendship Boats


Maybe I’m forgetting some things when it comes to transportation, but I’m only killing this because I didn’t have anything else I would have rather killed.  At the Boardwalk (and Beach Club, Yacht Club, and Swan/Dolphin) there is a boat that goes to Hollywood Studios and Epcot.  It sounds nice, and I like a good boat ride.  But my experiences with it have been less than positive.  The boat ride takes a really long time.  I don’t remember how long but it felt like quite awhile for me to get from Boardwalk to HS.  Since it stops at a number of resorts you have to go along with it and wait for people to get on and off.  And if you’ve got a big crowd it may be a wait as well – especially if you’re travelling early in the morning or trying to get back to the resorts after the park closes.  I’m not a huge fan of killing it though because it’s one of the only ways to get around from this area aside from walking (which is my preference, really).  Maybe a faster boat?  Or build a monorail to Hollywood Studios 😉  Walt absolutely loved the monorail idea and I know he would love to see more of them!

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