What Happens when your flight to Disney gets delayed or cancelled

This post was written on my way down to Disney World last week, after a very frustrating day of traveling!

This, of course, is just my personal experience, but I thought I would share it with you in case anyone else runs into a similar situation.  As I write this it is 7:00pm, and I’m sitting on an airplane somewhere between Detroit and Orlando.  I have dinner reservations at Sanaa at 7:05 that I am obviously not going to make, but at this point I’m just grateful that won’t have to wait until tomorrow to be in Disney World.

First, the story of what happened: We were flying from Philadelphia to Orlando, with a 1 hour layover in Detroit.  We left our house at 7am, got to the airport by 8, and were on the plane at 9.  Everything went smoothly.  We arrived at Detroit exactly on time, made it to the new gate just as they started boarding, and were on the plane within 10 minutes.  Then, five minutes later, they said we had to get off.  The plane was having mechanical issues.  They would update us at 1pm.  1 pm comes around and they say that the plane needs to be repaired and they’ll be sending a new plane.  It could be here in an hour.


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