Thoughts on the Three Cabarellos


This follow up to Saludos Amigos really consists of three segments or shorts that are grouped together by a fairly weak storyline.  First there is a tale of a penguin that wants to live where it’s warm, then a story about a flying donkey, and finally we have the adventures of the three caballeros.

Highlights:  I really enjoyed the first two segments.  They were short, sweet, and funny.  Everything that you’d expect from a Disney short – I especially love the one about a penguin who can’t stand the cold and tries to move up where it’s warm.  There were two bonus shorts at the end, which I really enjoyed.  The first one was about Donald finding the fountain of youth, and it was hilarious.  The other was about Pluto and it was pretty good.

Low points:  The three segments of the movie are grouped together by a fairly weak storyline.  I didn’t really love the second half of the movie, which was the main focus.  Basically, Jose and Panchito take Donald Duck on a tour of Latin America, stopping in various cities and learning a few tidbits. And Donald did not come off in the best light.  He was chasing down women left and right, desperate for a kiss, didn’t really matter from who.  And once he gets his kiss the movie turns really freaky.  I mean, it had a storyline and for the most part made sense up until then, but all of the sudden things just go psychedelic.  Basically Donald is high from the kiss that he received, and sees singing women in flowers, in the sky, and starts dancing with some cacti.  Basically the whole time I was sitting there wondering, “What the heck is going on?”

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Thoughts on Saludos Amigos

saludos-amigos-02If you’re not familiar with it, Saludos Amigos features four shorts, as well as some live action shots of cities in South America.  It was created and filmed in a number of Latin American cities. It was created in the early 1940’s when the government commissioned Disney to work on the project as part of the Good Neighbor Policy.

Highlights:  I hate to say it, but there’s not a lot that I loved about this movie.  It’s nice to see a glimpse into other cultures (at the time contemporary cultures, but now it’s like a historic look at Latin America in the 1940’s).  If I had to pick a favorite segment, it would be the one about Pedro, a plane who tries to deliver the mail but is caught up in a number of problems on the way.  It was cute, though I didn’t feel like it had a ton to do with South America.

Low points:  This is the sixth animated feature in the “Walt Disney animated classics series,” but I have a bit of a hard time calling it a “feature.”  It’s short – only 42 minutes long.  None of the 4 segments really stood out to me as being anything special.  I watched this movie a week ago and have a hard time really remembering any of it.  It’s just not very memorable for me.



Music:  There are a couple of nice Latin American style songs in the film that add to the feel and culture of it all, plus a background track.

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Bucket List: Attend a Disney Wedding

attend a disney wedding

The Disney wedding community is one that I am particularly close to, even though I didn’t actually have a wedding at Disney.  However, when I was planning my fairy tale themed wedding I stumbled across the DIS boards while searching for inspiration.  There I found an amazing group of women (and a few men!) who were planning incredible weddings and offered a great support system.  Even though my wedding was now two years ago, I stay actively involved in this DisBrides community.  I have made close friends, people that I would now consider to be some of my closest friends, and I was lucky enough to be invited to attend not just one, but two Disney weddings: of my friends Megan and Chris, and Danielle and Bart.

Megan and Chris's Disney wedding

Megan and Chris’s Disney wedding

P1070918 - Copy

Danielle and Bart’s Disney Wedding

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