DVC Villas at the Grand Floridian

dvc grand4

On my last trip to Disney in October, I was lucky enough to stay in the newest DVC units at the Grand Floridian (newest until the ones at the Poly opens, anyway!).  These are housed in a separate building from the main Grand building, just a short walk away.

dvc grand fountain

When you enter the building you are greeted with a beautiful fountain, decorated with Mary Poppins penguins.  Everything looks and feels so new.  I know some people aren’t fond of the themeing of the Grand, but I love that Victoria style era, and Mary Poppins fits in perfectly (elements for the movie occur again in the room décor).

dvc grand3

We had a 1 bedroom villa, and the first thing that you saw when you walked in was the kitchen.  And it was a beautiful kitchen!  There’s a fridge, oven, cabinets – everything that you could possibly need.  The kitchen has a little nook with a table and chairs for eating as well.  If you go to your right when you come in there is a small hallway that leads to the bathroom, and in that hallway you’ll also find a washer and dryer.

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