Making a Snow White running costume

snow white costume

I use the term “making” here a little liberally as I only actually made from scratch one part of my costume for the Enchanted 10k – the rest of more of how I put the costume together from various pieces I had or bought.  But I was really happy with how it turned out, so I wanted to share what I did to make my Snow White running costume!

raw threads

The shirt I used is from one of my favorite running shirt companies, Raw Threads.  They make shirts inspired by tons of Disney characters.  I actually got this one as part of a mystery pack that I had ordered, which is when you can get three shirts at a discounted bundle price, but you don’t know which ones you’ll get.  Receiving this one is actually what inspired me to do a Snow White costume!  Even if you don’t want to do something like this, any blue running shirt will work for the costume.  I just like the bow with the apple because it adds a bit extra “Snow White” to it.

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Giveaway! Runner’s Guide: Love Run Scrapbooks

I have a lot of hobbies – quite honestly, I have so many of them that I don’t have enough time to do everything that I want to do!  One of my hobbies is scrapbooking.  However, I’m so behind on my scrapbooks.  I used to do one for all of our major vacations.  Well, I still haven’t finished the one from our 1st anniversary cruise to Bermuda.. which was almost two years ago now 😦


Maybe you’re like me, or maybe you’re just not very crafty.  Well, you can still have some awesome scrapbooks to store the memories of your Disney races thanks to the Etsy shop Love Run Scrapbooks!  She makes up Disney themed running scrapbooks that you can just put your own pictures into.  It’s super easy and makes for an awesome keepsake!


In addition to the scrapbooks where you can put your own pictures, she also offers really nice race bib books to keep your race bibs in.  There are a variety of differently themed books that you can choose from, and if you want something designed to a specific race she can do custom orders as well!

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Runner’s Guide: Kiss-a-Belle Boutique

run kiss

Disney races are all about tutus these days!  And that’s why I’m thrilled to bring you a great tutu seller on Etsy, Kiss-a-Belle Boutique.  She has some super cute ones that are available in her shop right now, but she’s also willing to create any Disney tutu that you want!  So if there’s a character you want to see represented in a tutu, send her a message and she will make something for you.


For this review I was sent a Snow White inspired tutu.  And when I opened the box and saw it, I immediately fell in love with.  So much so that I’m now strongly considering a Snow White costume for a future Disney race – she was not on the initial list of the many Disney characters I want to run as (I’m doing Alice in Wonderland this October, and for February I was deciding between Anna, Esmeralda, Elsa, and Vanellope).  I’m planning to do the Princess Half Marathon and the 5k in February, so now I’m thinking Snow White will definitely be my costume for one of those!

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Runner’s Guide: Maleficent Tutu from Rachel McGrew


There’s a lot of Maleficent mania going on right now, what with the new Angelina Jolie movie out this past weekend (look for my review up on the blog hopefully tomorrow!).  And the best part is, now runners can get in on the action with this great tutu from Etsy seller Rachel McGrew.  This item would make for an outstanding costume for any Disney race, but especially the upcoming Tower of Terror 10 miler in October, which is always followed by a villains bash in Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

First, let’s start with how this tutu looks.  To sum it up in a word: Awesome!  The colors are absolutely perfect.  It has black, purple, and green, which definitely represent Maleficent.  I really love the fact that she uses a vibrant, almost neon green tulle, because it really livens up the tutu and makes it stand out against the other colors.  A great bit of detail on this tutu is the fact that there are pieces of it where the tulle is braided.  I haven’t seen that on a tutu before and I love the effect that it has.  I don’t really know exactly how to describe it, but I almost feel like the braids capture Maleficent from the film so well – it’s like the represent the angular nature of her face, horns, and cape, and really add some dynamic to the tutu.

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Runner’s Guide: Foxy Baby


T-shirts are very important to runners – not just to find good ones to run in, but also to show off your accomplishments!  Sure, you can get the free t-shirts they usually give you during a race, but if you really want to wear your pride with style then consider an Etsy shop like Foxy Baby.  She has some absolutely gorgeous rhinestone running shirt iron-on transfers.




For this review I received a shirt with two of the transfers (front and back).  The iron-on that was on the front of the shirt is really gorgeous.  It’s very detailed, with a ton of rhinestones to make it super sparkly 🙂  It has a tiara with 19.3 on it (to represent the Glass Slipper Challenge), and the words “Run like a Princess.”  I really like the balance of colors.  While most of the iron-on is white (which usually shows up the best for pictures), it also has blue and pink, which really livens it up a bit.

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Giveaway! Runner’s guide: Goldweb Crafts


Today I am very excited to bring you another featured Etsy seller from our Runner’s guide: Goldweb Crafts.  This shop offers Disney decals – great for your car or anywhere you want to display them!  In addition she also offers her decals available on plastic tumblers, which is something unique and different that I really love.

gold web

For my review I was sent a tumbler and a car decal.  The tumbler is perfect for Disney runners, featuring the logo and words “Keep calm and run Disney.”  The decal is extremely well applied and I have no worries about it coming off at all.  Even after a couple of vigorous washings it has proven that it will stay put!  The cup also comes with cleaning directions so you can take care of it correctly.

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Giveaway! Runner’s Guide: Lucky Number Tutu

lucky giveaway

Have you signed up for the Marvel Avengers Half Marathon in Disneyland, or do you hope to someday?  Lucky Number Tutu has a number of awesome superhero costumes that would be perfect for this race.  Or, if you’re doing another Disney race, she has plenty of other Disney inspired costumes.  (Please excuse my sweaty, post-run picture):


One of the highlights of her shop that makes it a little different than some of the others is that she doesn’t offer just tutus.  A lot of her outfits are tutu/tank top sets, so you’ve got a one stop shop where you can basically get a complete matching outfit for a race.  And the tank tops are just as cute as the tutus!

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Runner’s Guide: Dyan’s Cupcake Couture and giveaway!


When you think of running, maybe the first thing that you think of isn’t cupcakes and sweets.  But what better way to celebrate a successful run than with a cupcake?  I know that’s one of the reasons I run – so I can eat those delicious cupcakes!  Dyan’s Cupcake Couture is an amazing shop on Etsy that offers a wide variety of cupcake wrappers – including Disney running themed ones!


Dyan was kind enough to send me a bunch of cupcake wrappers with running themes, as well as some Frozen cupcake wrappers for my Frozen birthday party.  I can’t get over how fun all of her designs are.  And there are so many!  Pretty much every Disney movie you can think of, and other themes as well.  And if you don’t see what you’re looking for, just ask – she has more not listed in her shop!

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