Thoughts on Fantasia

fantasia poster

Highlights: Fantasia is a really unique movie, in that it’s basically a series of shorts that are all set to music – so there is no dialogue, the story is told through the images and the music.  It’s a really neat way to introduce people to many of these famous pieces, and the way they choose to portray the tunes is really interesting.  It might sound cliché but I think Sorcerer Mickey is my favorite, though I also really enjoy The Pastoral Symphony and Night on Bald Mountain.

Low points: For me personally, I find it difficult to sit down and just watch it as a movie. I enjoy watching a short or two at a time, but the whole thing at once is a bit much for me.  I’m not a big fan of the first one, “Toccata and Fugue in D Minor,” as it’s very abstract, which is just not my thing.

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Disney on Ice: Let’s Celebrate!


On January 3rd, my husband and I attended Disney on Ice: Let’s Celebrate! when it came to Philadelphia.  We had been to Rockin’ Ever After last year and really enjoyed it, so we were excited for this one.  We don’t have kids, and I will say that we were definitely in the minority on that one.  It’s certainly a show that is geared toward children and not adults, but if you’re a true Disney fan at heart I think you’ll enjoy it regardless.  It’s a fun, feel-good time.

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