Behind the Seeds Tour


 During one of my recent trips to Epcot I decided to sign up for the Behind the Seeds tour on a whim.  It’s pretty much always available to book, so it’s something you can decide on at the last minute.  The tour is about an hour long and runs throughout the day at the Land Pavilion.  It costs $18 but there are all sorts of discounts available (including annual passholders, Disney Visa cardholders, DVC members, and cast members).

Even though I don’t have a particular interest in plants, I’m always interested in learning new things and I found the tour enjoyable.  We started out by going backstage and learning about and observing some of the pest control.  We went into the greenhouses and our tour guide gave us in depth information about how they grow the plants there, and the different methods they use (such as hydroponics).

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Traveling to Disney solo

Last month I had the fantastic opportunity to take a trip to Disney – it kind of just fell into my lap, to be honest.  A friend was getting married, and while I would’ve loved to go, I just didn’t think I could afford it.  Then a family member offers up his DVC points for free, so that combined with my annual pass made it so that I couldn’t say no.

The only thing was that my husband wouldn’t be able to take the time off from work.  I thought about it for maybe two seconds and decided I would just go down to Disney alone.  It turned out to be a fantastic decision.  While there were occasionally times when I wished I had someone else around, for the most part I loved being by myself!  Here are a few of the benefits to traveling to Disney solo:

You can move at your own pace.

One of my goals on this trip was to practice my photography.  When I’m with other people they generally don’t want to stand around in one spot while I try different settings on my camera or experiment with different angles.  But alone, this was something I could do.  I could use the bathroom when I wanted to, stop for a snack when I wanted to.  I could take a break midday or spend all day in the parks.

One of my favorite photos from this trip, due to having the time to practice my photography.

One of my favorite photos from this trip, due to having the time to practice my photography.

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