The signature resorts restaurant tournament winner is…


It was down to Jiko and Ohana.  Both are great restaurants with a lot to offer, and both are extremely popular.  But only one could be crowned the winner.  After an extremely close vote, the closest we’ve ever had, the winner is…

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Signature resort restaurants – Final round


We’re down to the last two in this restaurant tournament!  It was insanely close between the last two match ups – both of them were decided by just one or two votes.  While Victoria and Albert’s is probably technically the best restaurant on the list, I’m not surprised it didn’t quite make the cut just because many people haven’t been able to try it due to the price.  So that leaves us with Jiko and Ohana!  Which one do you prefer?


August 2014 monthly round up

It’s August, which means we’re about halfway through the summer!  Where does the time go?  Disney is keeping busy, certainly – there have been lots of interesting articles and news happening recently!


Disney in your Day news

We’ve finished up the resort restaurant tournament (for non signature resort restaurants), and the winner was Sanaa!  Be on the lookout for the signature competition to come in the fall.  Speaking of things that are ending, the Runner’s Guide reviews and giveaways are also wrapping up.  I have three more for you, and I’ll be on the lookout for any other great Disney running products in the future too!

But even though some things are ending, new ones are just beginning.  My Tower of Terror 10 miler training continues, and as I plan for my upcoming trip in October I’m getting more and more excited!  Something else new I’ve been thinking about: I want to go back and re-watch all the animated Disney movies, and I was thinking about chronicling that.  And finally, I’m also looking to feature any Disney weddings if anyone had a wedding there and would like a blog post – please contact me!

If you have ideas or want to contribute, please email me at!

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Animal Kingdom Lodge Review

When I found out I would have the chance to stay at Animal Kingdom Lodge twice while at Disney this year, I was extremely excited.  The Animal Kingdom Lodge was like my dream resort.  Animal Kingdom is arguably my favorite park, and the safari is my favorite thing to do there.  So the idea of having those animals roaming around right where I was staying was incredible!



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