Kill, Refurb, Marry: Disney Villains

Ooh, this sounds like it will be a fun one!  Disney villains are fascinating characters, though I will admit the thought of having to marry one of them might not be the most appealing thing in the world.  And then there was this question: is “kill” the villain I like the least and “marry” the one I enjoy the most?  Or the one that I would literally want to kill the most or marry the most.  I went with the more literal translation, so the villains in contention for kill are great characters – just they’re such great villains I want to kill them!  There were definitely some difficult choices this week, but here’s what I came up with for this month’s edition of Kill, Refurb, Marry.

Kill – Frollo


This was a tough choice.  Which Disney villain makes your skin really crawl the most?  And makes you want to punch them in the face?  There are certainly a number of contenders here, but I went with Frollo.  Talk about evil personified.  He is a cruel, heartless man, treating people terribly because they are different from him.  Even though characters like Maleficent and the Evil Queen do terrible things and are certainly evil, Frollo seems to hit home a bit more because he’s more human.  There’s no magic or evil spells that are causing him to do what he does, it’s just a malicious human nature.  Maleficent couldn’t exist in real life, but Frollo could.  And that is terrifying.

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Finding Disney in Once upon a Time


Once Upon a Time is filled with lots of references, shout outs, or easter eggs to Disney movies.  This isn’t too surprising, since it is a show about fairy tales and is owned by Disney, but it’s still really fun to see what sort of Disney references they put in throughout the show!  There are lots of little touches that are uniquely Disney, but here are some of my favorites:

Mickey Mouse
Even Mickey himself makes a brief cameo appearance in Once Upon a Time!  It seems like Mr. Gold really does have everything in his pawn shop, and as you can see in episode 19 of season 1.

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October Monthly Round Up

It’s October, and you know what that means – the start of the long stretch of holidays!  Halloween is at the end of this month, followed by Thanksgiving and then of course Christmas!  I love celebrating, and no place does it better than Disney World!  Though I won’t be down there this month, I still plan to do something Disney for my Halloween costume – my husband and I are going are Rapunzel and Flynn Rider.

Disney in your Day News

etsy holiday gift guide

Once again, October is going to be a great month for the blog!  September was fantastic.  We had a giveaway with three winners – congratulations to Maria M., Debbie R., and Brandy F.!  They will each be receiving an item from Etsy shop a Wish upon a Charm, which will ship out sometime next week.  Everyone else, there will be plenty more chances to win things – I have at least 4 more giveaways in the works for the next few months!  Hopefully our first one will be within another week or two!

We also launched our big fall project yesterday, the Disney Etsy Holiday Gift Guide.  It’s a list of some of the best Disney items I found on Etsy, which would make the perfect gift for a Disney lover!  As part of this project we will also be featuring reviews of many of the items on the list, as well as a few giveaways!  Etsy Spotlights will start this month and continue on until Christmas.

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