Enchanted 10k 2015 recap

enchanted 10k

February 21st the second Enchanted 10k, and also my second time running it!  We were up bright and early, and I got into my Snow White running costume that because of the cold temperatures now had leggings and running sleeves to it.


We got on the bus around 3:30, so that we could stand around in the cold for two hours.  It was only in the low forties that morning!  I had brought a throwaway sweatshirt but I was still freezing the entire time until I started running.  There were 5 corrals, A-E, and I was in C.  Last year the corrals started about 10 minutes apart, but this time it seemed to be even longer, about 12 minutes.  I started at 5:55 am.  I planned to take it easy since I was running the half marathon the next day.

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Thoughts on Pinocchio

This is part of my journey to re-watch all of the Disney animated features, in order, and share some of my thoughts on them! 

pinocchio poster

Highlights:  There’s some good music in this one.  Jiminy Cricket is a highly entertaining character – I didn’t remember him being so funny!  And he’s obsessed with the ladies, even when they’re made of wood 😉  The animation is also really good here.  Figaro and Cleo are adorable and fun characters!

Low points:  Sadly, I have to admit that for me at least, Pinocchio is probably one of my least favorite animated Disney films.  It’s full of fantasy, but I feel like a lot of the fantasy elements don’t make sense or don’t have enough explanation.  Why does it take so much longer for Pinocchio and Lampwick to turn into Donkeys?  Why does Monstro never digest his food?  How can Jiminy Cricket breathe under water?  And how can Pinocchio die (by drowning, presumably) if he’s not actually a real boy? If you have  a theory on that I would really love to hear it because it’s a question I’ve had since I’ve re-watched this one!

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