January 2015 Monthly Round Up

Wow, we’ve reached 2015!  I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and a great start to your year.  Christmas is my favorite holiday of all, but I have to say that my second favorite is probably New Year’s.  I love the idea of starting fresh, and looking forward at all that will come in the next year!  For me, 2015 holds two trips to Disney World and my very first trip to Disneyland, as well as two Disney half marathons that should earn me my coast to coast medal.  I’m excited!

Disney in your Day News


The past year has been a good one for Disney in your Day, but I’m excited for all that is to come in the new year.  December included lots of holiday themed posts, as well as my review of Into The Woods.  In the immediate future you can expect more thoughts on Disney movies, as well as the end of the restaurant tournament.  Plus, I want to roll out a new series, “Other theme parks,” featuring other places around the country that might be worth visiting when you can’t get to Disney.  And I’ll continue with my Glass Slipper Challenge training until February, when I actually run the Glass Slipper Challenge!

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June 2014 monthly round up

Sorry this round up is a little late – there were lots of other exciting posts I wanted to make sure I got out this week, like a Maleficent tutu and my review of the Maleficent movie!  Lots of love going around for the evil fairy this week.  It’s June, which means summer is starting soon!  And it also means that very soon, Disney in your Day will be a year old!  I’m sure we’ll try to have some fun posts and giveaways for that 🙂

It seems to me like there’s been a ton of news and interesting blog posts lately, so let’s get down to it!

Disney in your Day news

tower of terror 10 miler

I know that last month I mentioned bringing back the restaurant tournament for resort restaurants – but there were so many great items in the running gear guide and other things happening that I didn’t get around to it.  Hopefully for June!  The running gear guide will still be posting items all this month and maybe into July, so make sure you check out our giveaways!  I also start training for the Tower of Terror 10 miler run this week, so I’m going to post periodic updates about that for others who may be curious about the process of training for a Disney run.

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April 2014 monthly round up

I’ve never been so happy to see April because it seems like the weather is finally changing!  Honestly, all the snow these past few months has been frustrating and depressing.  It seems like spring is finally arriving!  April is also my birthday month, and I’ll be celebrating by having a Frozen themed party 🙂

Disney in your Day news

disney running gear guide

The most exciting thing I have to share with you was announced about a week ago – I’ll be doing a Disney Running Gear Guide!  And as part of that guide there will be lots of reviews and giveaways of Disney running related items.  Even if you’re not a runner, there’s cute outfits and things that could be useful for any type of fitness – or even every day wearing!  Right now I have enough giveaways planned for one a week for the next three months, so you’ll be in luck!

Aside from the guide coming, there are some Disney related things I’ll be doing this month that you can expect to see.  I’ll post about my Frozen themed birthday party.  I’m also going to see Aladdin on Broadway, so you’ll definitely hear about that!  You may also be seeing a guest blogger sharing her Disney dining experiences, which I can’t wait to hear about.  And this isn’t exactly Disney related, but I’m running the Hershey 10k this month, so I may do a post on the differences between a Disney race and another big race if people are interested.

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Wordless Wednesday: February Calendar Shot

When the theme of the week is February Calendar shots, of course I had to go back and look at my pictures from my trip last February!  Here are a few of my favorites, that I think would look lovely on a calendar.  One from each of the 4 parks:


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Disney Infinity: First Thoughts


Disney Infinity has been out for a few weeks now, and I’ve had the chance to put about 10 hours into the game.  So I wanted to share my initial thoughts with you on it!  Keep in mind that this is really a “Disney fan” review rather than a “video gamer” review.  My husband is the gamer, but I rarely play video games.  These are also just my first thoughts from the initial exposure to the game – there is tons we haven’t even tried yet!

I have only tried one of the playsets so far, and that’s Monsters University.  You get missions to complete and along the way you can collect prizes, experience, and unlock toys and other things.  I imagine that for the most part, most of the playsets work the same way.  I’m a person that generally prefers to have some sort of structure – I want goals to achieve.  The missions are not too hard for a non-gamer like me, but still seem interesting to my husband, so it seems to be a good balance.  There is one main storyline with missions to complete in the playset, as well as side missions.  Then you can also try to collect all of the items and complete all of the “gold star” missions.  So there’s plenty to do!

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Monsters University


Pixar has been known for making great films.  Ask any Disney fan what their favorite Pixar movie is, and chances are good that they’ll have a hard time deciding (I know I do!).  But if it really comes down to it and I was forced to choose, I think I might have to say that Monsters Inc. is my favorite to date.  So knowing that, this prequel had a lot to live up to.

One of the things that I loved most about Monsters, Inc. was the unique concept behind the movie – getting to see the daily life of those monsters in your closet that you were so scared of as a kid.  Monsters University has the advantage of still having that interesting premise.  Even with the advantage, though, MU is still smart and creative, and doesn’t just rest on the fact that it had a popular movie to back it up.

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