Princess Half Marathon 2015 recap


princess half marathon

On the morning of February 22nd, I woke up bright and early at 2:45 am.  I thought about texting my brother Happy Birthday, but I suspected he wouldn’t appreciate the super early morning wishes!  So instead I got into my costume for the Princess Half Marathon.  I had done Princess Anna and will soon be featuring a post about how I put my costume together.  I was down to wait for the bus by 3:15. It was almost time for my very first half marathon!


Luckily, it was warmer than it had been for the Enchanted 10k the previous morning.  I still had my throwaway jacket, but I felt good with that and didn’t need anything else.  I hung out with my friends for a little bit before we headed toward the corrals.  I started in I, along with the lovely Brittany – who you might recognize if you’re a fan of fitness pages, as she is the Brittany behind the popular Brittany Eats Clean page!  I hadn’t really gotten to know her too much until this moment, but she was super sweet and I was so thankful to have someone to talk to and pass the time with before we started.

And then we started somewhere right before 6am I believe.  We ran out away from Epcot and toward the Magic Kingdom and the ticket and transportation center.  The half marathon had way more entertainment than the 10k – even where there weren’t characters there was something going on, like a band, cheerleaders, or a DJ!  And there were tons of characters.  The lines in the first half were pretty long so I didn’t stop, and in the second half I just wanted to finish so I didn’t really stop then either.  I did try to keep track of who all was out there though (list at the end of this post!)


My husband was going to be at the ticket and transportation center to spectate, but it seems he and the other husbands got a little behind schedule and I was texting him, worried that I might beat him there.  So I stopped for a couple of photos – one with the Richard Petty race car, and one in a throne they had set up near where the villains were doing their meet and greets.  And it worked out because I did manage to make it to the meeting area right around the same time as my husband!  I ran on, and he jumped on the monorail to get a spot in Magic Kingdom to see me again.


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Enchanted 10k 2015 recap

enchanted 10k

February 21st the second Enchanted 10k, and also my second time running it!  We were up bright and early, and I got into my Snow White running costume that because of the cold temperatures now had leggings and running sleeves to it.


We got on the bus around 3:30, so that we could stand around in the cold for two hours.  It was only in the low forties that morning!  I had brought a throwaway sweatshirt but I was still freezing the entire time until I started running.  There were 5 corrals, A-E, and I was in C.  Last year the corrals started about 10 minutes apart, but this time it seemed to be even longer, about 12 minutes.  I started at 5:55 am.  I planned to take it easy since I was running the half marathon the next day.

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ToT 10 miler training: 13 weeks to go!


A little more than 3 months to go until the Tower of Terror 10 miler!  But that aside, it’s actually time to start thinking about the next Disney race: because registration for Princess Half Marathon weekend opened this week for AP/DVC members, and will be on this Tuesday for everyone else.  As you might know, I did the Enchanted 10k last year.  I was thinking I would do the Half Marathon this time around – it makes sense.  I could do 10 miles in October, and then I should be fine working up to 13.1 by February, right?  I didn’t want to do the Glass Slipper Challenge yet because I haven’t done a half yet and I worried that it would be too much.

And then my husband chimed in.  He said, “you did the very first Enchanted 10k.  Wouldn’t it be cool if you did it every year?  You should do the Glass Slipper Challenge.”  Yeah, that’s a good point… but it also costs more money.  And he says, “I just got a bonus at work and I would love it if you used some of my money to sign up for the Glass Slipper.”  Isn’t he absolutely the best?  I think he might have more faith in me than I have in myself sometimes.  But he really believes I can do GSC so I’m going for it!  I am now registered for it.  Crazy stuff!week 6

But back to the race at hand.  This was week 6, with the longest distance I’d had so far in this training.  Since I’ve done a 10k before, the furthest I’ve ever really run is about 6.2 miles.

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Runner’s Guide: Dyan’s Cupcake Couture and giveaway!


When you think of running, maybe the first thing that you think of isn’t cupcakes and sweets.  But what better way to celebrate a successful run than with a cupcake?  I know that’s one of the reasons I run – so I can eat those delicious cupcakes!  Dyan’s Cupcake Couture is an amazing shop on Etsy that offers a wide variety of cupcake wrappers – including Disney running themed ones!


Dyan was kind enough to send me a bunch of cupcake wrappers with running themes, as well as some Frozen cupcake wrappers for my Frozen birthday party.  I can’t get over how fun all of her designs are.  And there are so many!  Pretty much every Disney movie you can think of, and other themes as well.  And if you don’t see what you’re looking for, just ask – she has more not listed in her shop!

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Enchanted 10k recap


On Saturday, February 22nd, I was in Disney World and woke up at 3am.  Why, you ask?  Well, because I was running the Enchanted 10k!  It was my first race longer than a 5k and it was an absolute blast.  I know lots of people are curious about it so I thought I would write up a quick recap!


The day before the race we hit up the expo in the morning.  I picked up my bib, shirt, and pin.  We also looked through all the booths.  There wasn’t too much I was interested in, but I did purchase a flip belt to hold some of my stuff while I run.  I used it during the race and it worked really well!

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