Princess Half Marathon 2015 recap


princess half marathon

On the morning of February 22nd, I woke up bright and early at 2:45 am.  I thought about texting my brother Happy Birthday, but I suspected he wouldn’t appreciate the super early morning wishes!  So instead I got into my costume for the Princess Half Marathon.  I had done Princess Anna and will soon be featuring a post about how I put my costume together.  I was down to wait for the bus by 3:15. It was almost time for my very first half marathon!


Luckily, it was warmer than it had been for the Enchanted 10k the previous morning.  I still had my throwaway jacket, but I felt good with that and didn’t need anything else.  I hung out with my friends for a little bit before we headed toward the corrals.  I started in I, along with the lovely Brittany – who you might recognize if you’re a fan of fitness pages, as she is the Brittany behind the popular Brittany Eats Clean page!  I hadn’t really gotten to know her too much until this moment, but she was super sweet and I was so thankful to have someone to talk to and pass the time with before we started.

And then we started somewhere right before 6am I believe.  We ran out away from Epcot and toward the Magic Kingdom and the ticket and transportation center.  The half marathon had way more entertainment than the 10k – even where there weren’t characters there was something going on, like a band, cheerleaders, or a DJ!  And there were tons of characters.  The lines in the first half were pretty long so I didn’t stop, and in the second half I just wanted to finish so I didn’t really stop then either.  I did try to keep track of who all was out there though (list at the end of this post!)


My husband was going to be at the ticket and transportation center to spectate, but it seems he and the other husbands got a little behind schedule and I was texting him, worried that I might beat him there.  So I stopped for a couple of photos – one with the Richard Petty race car, and one in a throne they had set up near where the villains were doing their meet and greets.  And it worked out because I did manage to make it to the meeting area right around the same time as my husband!  I ran on, and he jumped on the monorail to get a spot in Magic Kingdom to see me again.


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Making a Snow White running costume

snow white costume

I use the term “making” here a little liberally as I only actually made from scratch one part of my costume for the Enchanted 10k – the rest of more of how I put the costume together from various pieces I had or bought.  But I was really happy with how it turned out, so I wanted to share what I did to make my Snow White running costume!

raw threads

The shirt I used is from one of my favorite running shirt companies, Raw Threads.  They make shirts inspired by tons of Disney characters.  I actually got this one as part of a mystery pack that I had ordered, which is when you can get three shirts at a discounted bundle price, but you don’t know which ones you’ll get.  Receiving this one is actually what inspired me to do a Snow White costume!  Even if you don’t want to do something like this, any blue running shirt will work for the costume.  I just like the bow with the apple because it adds a bit extra “Snow White” to it.

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Enchanted 10k 2015 recap

enchanted 10k

February 21st the second Enchanted 10k, and also my second time running it!  We were up bright and early, and I got into my Snow White running costume that because of the cold temperatures now had leggings and running sleeves to it.


We got on the bus around 3:30, so that we could stand around in the cold for two hours.  It was only in the low forties that morning!  I had brought a throwaway sweatshirt but I was still freezing the entire time until I started running.  There were 5 corrals, A-E, and I was in C.  Last year the corrals started about 10 minutes apart, but this time it seemed to be even longer, about 12 minutes.  I started at 5:55 am.  I planned to take it easy since I was running the half marathon the next day.

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FitBit Surge Review


fitbit surge

While not directly Disney related, I know I have a lot of runners that read this blog and I recently got the FitBit Surge, so I wanted to share some of my thoughts on it.  I’ve never had a running watch before, though I’ve been wearing a FitBit for over a year.

Here’s my history with FitBit:  I got the Force for Christmas last year and was completely in love with it.  Then, as you might have heard, it got recalled for giving people a rash.  A few weeks after they announced the recall I got the rash, so I sadly sent it back and got the Flex instead.  That was okay, but nowhere near as good as the Force.  Then I had been thinking about buying a running watch in addition to my Flex when they announced the Surge.  I figured it would be perfect to replace my Flex and get a running watch!



  • I want something I can wear every single day.  The nice thing about the Force/Flex was that they were really unobtrusive – they were small and sleek and cool looking.  The Surge is understandably bigger, but I’m slowly getting used to wearing it every day.
  • The band itself is very comfortable.  Mind you, I am used to wearing something on my wrist every day.  I got the small size, and I go in between notches depending on if I’m sweating and how swollen my wrist is!
  • The screen display itself is really nice.  It’s touch screen, and you can easily swipe to get the different stats.  Numbers are big, easy to read, and clear.
  • It comes in three different colors: black, blue, and orange.

Displayed Stats


  • Clock: Shows what time it is, which is nice because unlike the Flex it can double as a watch.  You can choose if you want the time displayed in 12 hour mode or 24 hour (military) mode.
  • Step count: Shows how many steps you’ve taken, and a bar displaying how much of your daily goal you’ve achieved.
  • Heart rate:  One of the new things to FitBit is the heart rate monitor.  This setting will show you what your current BPM is.
  • Miles:  Displays how many miles you’ve gone that day.
  • Calories:  calories burned.
  • Flights:  How many flights of stairs you’ve climbed that day (sometimes if you go uphill it will count it, even if it’s not stairs, like if you’re running).

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Who should I dress as for the Disneyland Half Marathon?

I know my costumes for my upcoming Disney races during Princess weekend: I’ll be doing Snow White for the 10k and Anna for the Half.  However, I’m also planning to sign up for the Disneyland half marathon in September!  And honestly, one of my favorite parts of planning for a race is deciding on a costume.

I plan to run the Princess races as often as I can, and I like dressing as a princess for those – so for Disneyland I’m thinking I would like to do a non-princess.  Here are some ideas I’ve come up with so far.  Which one do you like the best?  Any other suggestions?

Vanellope Von Schweetz


I would really love to do this costume, but I’m wondering if it might be better to save it for when I someday do the Wine and Dine half – because it’s sort of food related and all, with the candy and whatnot.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Run Disney, Part 2

beginner's guide

In part 1 of the Beginner’s Guide to Run Disney, I covered some of the basics about pre-race stuff, like the hotels, expo, registration, and more.  Because there are so many questions about running and the races themselves, I decided  to put it into a separate post!



Should I wear a costume?

You don’t have to, of course, but a lot of people do!  If you choose to wear a costume, just keep in mind that you are going to be running, so you probably don’t want anything that might get in the way.  There are lots of websites and Etsy shops that sell running costumes if you don’t know where to begin.  Even just a subtle nod to a Disney character is something fun to do!  If you do choose to wear a costume, make sure you wear it on one of your practice runs to test it out.  You might think you look silly, but you’ll be very grateful if you find a part of your costume to be annoying!  I’ve heard of the tulle from tutus getting between people’s legs and irritating them, a self-designed costume that broke a strap during a run, and more.  You want to make sure you’re comfortable!

What are the pace requirements?

Disney requires you to keep a pace of 16 minutes/mile.

What happens if I’m behind pace on race day?

If you are behind pace during the race, there is a chance that you will get swept.  What does that mean?  Well, it means that they will pick you up from the course and transport you to the finish line, so you won’t be able to finish the race.  However, there are some things to keep in mind about this.  There will be people with balloons (referred to as the “balloon ladies”) who will be walking the 16 min/mile pace.  Stay in front of them and you’ll be fine.  The balloon ladies start when the last corral starts.  So if you’re in an earlier corral, you get a little bit of leeway time there because you start earlier.

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Exciting New Items from Milestones Sports Jewelry & Apparel!


I love featuring items for Disney runners – and out of the many that I’ve gotten to look into, Milestones Sports Jewelry is one of my favorites.  They provide jewelry and clothing items – things you can wear during the race or after, to show off your accomplishments!  The jewelry is really beautiful, and you might remember some of the items I featured in my last review on this blog.  They’ve recently come out with some new items, and I’m so excited to share some with you!

Expandable Bangle Bracelets

milestone sports

To begin with – I almost can’t contain my excitement about this – they’ve come out with some new bracelets that are in the style of Alex and Ani.  They are gorgeous, and about on par pricewise with Alex and Ani.  If you’re not familiar with these bracelets they are meant to be stacked and worn with multiples at once.  If you already have some in this style add one of these to your collection – or start a new collection to commemorate all of your big races!


I was lucky enough to be sent a Glass Slipper Challenge bracelet to review.  This is my first bracelet like this, but I’ve admired them for a long time.  It fits great (since it’s expandable) and it doesn’t get in the way of my work, which is very hands on.  I love how it looks.  It does make a slight tinkling noise, but I love jewelry that does that!  And I’m sure if you stacked them it would make a little more noise too.  I would definitely buy a few of these so you get that stacked look that is so awesome!  All of the bracelets are made of durable non-tarnishing stainless steel and all of the charms are high quality .25 sterling silver.

You pick out your main bracelet and then customize it how you want – you can pick an additional tag phrase and a stone color (I got a blue stone, a heart shaped tag with 19.3, and a small tag that said “Live, Love, Run”).  She has them for a variety of distances and races: Glass Slipper, Princess, 10 miler, marathon, half marathon, and a Space Coast (half) marathon one which I absolutely love!  If I ever run that race I may have to invest in the bracelet too 🙂  Even though I haven’t done the Glass Slipper Challenge yet, wearing the bracelet is inspiring me to work hard and train for it!

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Glass Slipper Challenge Training – 12 weeks to go


12 weeks!  That means we’re only three months away from the Glass Slipper Challenge, and I definitely do not feel ready for a 10k followed by my first Half Marathon!  But slowly but surely I’m making progress.  The weather has had me bummed out a lot recently, but I did a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving with a new PR for a 5k, so that kind of got me feeling a little more inspired an ready!

glass slipper week 6

On Monday the weather was shockingly warm – it was almost 70 degrees, so I was thrilled with the chance to run outside.  And that’s the kind of temperature I really thrive in.  Got in about a 5k, great pace, and I felt really good about it!  I’ll miss that weather.

glass slipper week 6 mon

Thursday was our Turkey Trot, and my brother ran as well!  I was very concerned about the cold, but I guess the excitement of a race got to me more because it didn’t bother me much – and I PR’ed by a lot!  We didn’t have chips for the race.  The official clock had me coming in at 32:07, while RunKeeper had me at 31:52.  Either way it’s a new record for me and I couldn’t be happier.  Little bro, who has only been running for a couple of months, managed to get a sub-30 time.  Super proud!  Since his only goal was to beat me, he succeeded 😉

glass slipper week 6 thurs

As you can see from the chart above, I was supposed to do a 4 mile run for the weekend.  But for whatever reason, I got out there and was not feeling it.  I had pressure to finish in a certain amount of time because I had to be able to hop in the shower and get myself ready to go to dinner at my father in law’s house on time.  I didn’t eat well in the morning and could feel that, and I forgot to stretch before going out.  Due to all of that I had a terrible pace and decided to switch my distances with my run tomorrow – so I’ll do 4 miles on Monday.  Despite all of that, I am glad I managed to get in a half hour run no matter how bad it was.

glass slipper week 6 sun