Other Theme Parks: Busch Gardens Williamsburg

williamsburg 7

This is part of a new series I’m wanting to put up on the blog about visiting other theme parks.  Sure, nothing else will be Disney, but for many people Disney is a vacation that is far away and expensive – which means it doesn’t happen that often.  But if you enjoy theme parks, there are many other nice locations you can visit!

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Busch Gardens Williamsburg is probably the closest theme park I’ve been to that shares some of the qualities that makes Disney so special.  First of all, it really is a theme park, rather than an amusement park.  To me there is a big difference – a theme park is all about the themeing, where as an amusement park is just random rides thrown together.  Busch Gardens is broken into themed areas based around different countries, mostly European.  You have Italy, Scotland, England, Ireland, France, “New France” (Canada), Germany, and of course that classic country “Oktoberfest”. 😉

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