Glass Slipper Challenge training – 2 weeks to go!!

week 16

Wow, we’re only two weeks away.  Even though four runs were on the agenda for this week, I only got in two.  You’ll see why in a moment, but I felt it was smarter to rest up and recover rather than push myself too hard this close before the race.  I’m really nervous now about the Half Marathon, and I’m just praying I’ll make it through!

week 16 mon

On Monday I did one of my typical treadmill runs.  Nothing really out of the ordinary here.

week 16 wed

Wednesday it was about 40 degrees out so I went outside to do a long run.  Another half marathon distance in, and a great time – but I started really feeling the pain by about mile 8.  I feel it in my hips and I’m pretty sure it’s bursitis, which there’s no easy way to fix.  It gets to be torture toward the end, so I’m going to do my best to get to yoga in these next two weeks and just stretch out that area as much as possible.  If anyone else has any tips for lessening hip pain while running please let me know.  The pain is only really while I’m running – once I’m done it’s just the typical soreness I would expect after a long run.

Glass Slipper Challenge Training – 4 weeks to go!


We are only one month away from the Glass Slipper Challenge!  I’m excited and pumped, though my (failed) run Friday didn’t exactly get me motivated.  What does have my motivated is my new FitBit Surge – if you didn’t see the review I wrote this week, go check it out!

gsc week 14

I kind of “reversed” the week this time around to get my long run in at the beginning of the week when it was a little warmer.  I did this run the day after last week’s last run, so I still got the “Glass Slipper Challenge” effect of running 4 miles one day and 13 the next.  Even though the schedule said 12.5 I wasn’t going to stop there where I was so close to doing the whole distance!  I toughed it out, but I have to say that after mile 10 I really started feeling it.  I slowed down a lot, and had a ton of pain in my hips.  The things that usually bother me, like my ankles or my knees, didn’t.  I guess it’s just going to take more practice at going over the 10 mile distance.

gsc week 14 fri

The mid-week runs were the typical 36 minutes.  Tuesday I was actually fortunate enough to get outside again, as it was about 40 degrees – I’ve found that anything under 40 is usually really bad for me, so if I see that 4 in the temperature I jump on the chance!

gsc week 14 tues

Thursday was colder so it was in on the treadmill.

gsc week 14 thurs

This past Friday I tried to do the scheduled 4 mile run outside.  It was about 36 degrees.  Unfortunately, a combination of things had me stopping early.  My lungs were hurting, I guess from the cold.  And I ate a lot of fruit and veggies before I ran –  I think I need something a little more substantial and to throw some carbs in there.  It’s really discouraging when just a week ago I did 13.1 miles, and then I couldn’t even get past 1.5.

gsc week 14 fri2

This week the word is that we’re going to be getting a pretty terrible snowstorm, so there’s no chance of me running outside – or even being able to get to the gym to do a treadmill run.  My fingers are crossed that things will get better as the week goes on.

Glass Slipper Challenge – 5 weeks to go


Cold, cold, go away, come again some other day!  In case you hadn’t guessed, I was stuck on the treadmill this week.  Three treadmill runs.  On a related running note, if you didn’t see it I just did a review of Clif products and all that they have to offer to runners (Clif energy bars, energy shot bloks, energy gels, and protein powder).  Clif bars are the best thing for me before a run, and their shot bloks are my fuel of choice while running!  So if you’re trying to figure out which fuels work for you, I highly recommend you try them.

gsc week 13

This was one of the “in between” weeks that didn’t have a long run, which I’ve been pretty consistent on.  No real surprises here, a pretty typical week – no complaints from me!

gsc week 13 mon

gsc week 13 tues

gsc week 13 thurs

On Thursday’s four mile run I intended to take it easy, since I had plans to do my long, 13.1 mile run the next day.  However, I didn’t take it as easy as I thought I would!  I just got in the groove, I guess.  But I do think it will be good practice for the Glass Slipper Challenge!

Glass Slipper Challenge Training – 6 weeks to go

week 12

It was a pretty big week for my run training.  I only got in 3 of the 4 runs, but I managed the long run, which is the furthest distance I’ve ever gone!  And now that we’re 6 weeks away my costume is really starting to come together.  I made my shirt for the half the other day!


I did my long run at the beginning of the week rather than the end, on Sunday.  That’s because it was an amazing 55 degrees last Sunday!  Crazy considering by Tuesday we were looking at 10 degrees.  So I did my 11 miles, and it wasn’t too bad!  I was definitely feeling it by the end, and it’s hard to imagine doing 2 more, but I’m sure by the time the half rolls around I’ll be able to.

week 12 sun

Wednesday I did one of my short runs on the treadmill.  A good treadmill pace and no complaints, other than I wish it wasn’t so darn cold here so I could run outside!

week 12 wed

Thursday I was back at the gym on the treadmill, with a run pretty much identical to Wednesday’s.  At least I’m being consistent!

week 12 thurs


Glass Slipper Challenge Training – 7 weeks to go

week 11

The countdown on my phone says that I’ll be in Disney World in 47 days, which is a little scary!  It’s really starting to feel real that not only will I be running my first half marathon, but I’ll also be doing a 10k the day before.  Granted, I plan to do plenty of character stops during the 10k and not push myself too hard, but it’s still going to be crazy.  I also have to get to work on my costumes.  I’m almost set for my 10k costume (I’m doing Snow White), but I still have some work to do on my Anna costume for the half!  I did get a very cute cape for Christmas that I’m planning to wear though 🙂


This was an “in between” week, meaning that I didn’t have a long run on the weekend, just a 4 mile run.  Still, I feel like I’m constantly fighting with the weather so every week is a challenge.  This coming week looks like it’s going to be pretty rough.

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Glass Slipper Challenge Training – 8 weeks to go!

week 10

8 weeks means that we are only 2 months away!  I seriously can’t wait, I’m excited both about the trip to Disney World and running these races.  And this week’s training felt really good.  In spite of the holidays, I managed to get 4 runs in, and one of them was a long run.

week 10 mon

On Monday I did my run on the treadmill.  Good pace, and felt pretty good.  Glad I was able to squeeze this run in despite all of the pre-Christmas stuff going on!

week 10 wed

I switched my days around a little to do my long run on Wednesday, Christmas Eve.  I knew the weekend would be filled with family time, and at least for the first half of Christmas Eve the rest of my family was working.  So I took advantage of that and went for a morning run.  The good news is that it was 50 degrees out.  The bad news was that it was raining lightly, but steadily, the whole time.  I was pretty done by the end, mostly because my feet were squishing so much from the unavoidable puddles.  But it was my best pace time ever for a longer run, so I’m definitely happy about that!

week 10 fri

Friday I did a quick 2 mile run on the treadmill.  Great pace for the ‘mill, so no complaints there!

week 10 sat

The next day I also managed to squeeze in a shorter run before a 3 hour car ride.  I’ve been lazy today, so I’m really glad I got to it when I did, and with a good pace too!

Glass Slipper Challenge Training: 9 weeks to go

week 9

This week was kind of a downer for me in terms of running.  I did go back and get in the 7 mile run that I had skipped last week, but then the 4 mile run I was supposed to do this week got cut short.  I hate having to deal with all of this cold!

week 9 tues

On Tuesday I hopped on the treadmill for my usual weekday run.  Good pace and it felt pretty good, so no complaints other than I wish I didn’t have to be on the treadmill!

week 9 wed

Wednesday I got in that 7 mile run that I had skipped.  I was actually really pleased with it – I was only 1 second off my best pace for a run in between 6-8 miles.  Thank goodness it wasn’t freezing that day and I could actually run outside!

week 9 fri

Friday I attempted the 4 mile run but it was just too cold for me.  My lungs were really hurting so I decided to stop.  The whole weekend was very cold, so I tried to go to the gym Saturday after work.  Well, turns out my gym closes at 1pm on the weekends 😦  So I never did get that 4 mile run in, but I guess 1 mile is better than nothing.

I’m trying to figure out where I’ll fit 4 runs in this week, what with the holidays and all of the traveling we’ll be doing.  Wish me luck, as I’m supposed to be doing a 9.5 mile run at some point!

Glass Slipper Challenge Training – 10 weeks to go


So this week was my first week with a back to back training run.  It was just a 1 mile on Friday and it was supposed to be 7 on Saturday… but I was signed up for a 5k so I only did 3.1!  I may try to do 7 next weekend instead of 4 to make up for it, but I didn’t have time this weekend.  I did the Ugly Sweater “run” and it was fun!  But it’s in quotes because it was much more of a walk than a run, more about people having fun than pushing themselves, which is cool too!  The outfits were great.

glass slipper week 8

Yup, may need to do some adjusting… but all in all a good week of running!

glass slipper week 8 mon

Monday was a treadmill day and I did 33 minutes.  My pace was under 11 min/mile so I was happy!

glass slipper week 8 wed

On Wednesday it was back on the treadmill (it’s just been too darn cold!).  Same amount of time, but an improved pace!  I’m always beyond happy with improvement.

glass slipper week 8 fri

Since Friday was only 1 mile I went outside and really pushed myself to see what I could do.  I got a pace of 9:46, but it definitely hurt!  I could not have kept going after that one mile so I figured it would be awhile before I got a sub 10 min/mile pace in a 5k.  I made my goal for Saturday to be under 10:30.

glass slipper week 8 sat

But look what happened!  The course was nice and flat, but it was cold!!  I think I was running fast just to be able to feel my toes!  Funny thing is, I was doing really well all race and was very excited about a possible PR, even though it wasn’t a timed race – I just had RunKeeper.  But I get to where the finish line is in sight and see that it’s only been about 2 and a half miles.  I wanted to say I PR’ed a 5k!  So I did what any dedicated runner would do – I turned around and ran against the crowd for about a quarter of a mile!  Then I was able to actually cross the finish line at a real 5k, and do it with a pace that was under 10 min/mile!!