Benefits to Using a Disney Travel Agent


I will start out this post by announcing that I am now officially a Disney travel agent!  So if you’re interested in booking a trip to Disney, please contact me (  I know there are a lot of Disney experts that read this blog that don’t think they need a travel agent, but I wanted to explain to you why I really do think having one is a great asset to your trip planning (In the past I’ve used others myself for my Disney trips!).

It’s free.

It costs you absolutely nothing to use a travel agent.  So why wouldn’t you?  They can do so much for you at no cost to you.  You can have as much or as little control as you like over the bookings and everything that goes into the trip.

You will save time.

These days there is a lot that goes into booking a Disney trip.  Resort reservations, dining reservations, fastpass reservations, magical express, magic bands – that’s just the tip of the iceberg!  If you’re not a Disney expert you could spend countless hours researching all of that, but a Disney travel agent will have that information ready for you, and will be able to tailor it to your particular wants and needs.


We know our stuff.

Too often there are Disney travel agents that just book your trip and then call it a day.  That’s not how we do things at Castle Dreams Travel.  Before booking we can help you figure out where to stay that’s in your budget, and then we’ll help with everything else – memory maker, fastpass plus, dining reservations, magical express, etc.  If you know where you want to eat, great!  If you don’t,  I can recommend a number of places based on your tastes and budget.

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