Running Gear Guide

I am so excited to bring all you Disney runners this running gear guide – there’s lots of cool Disney running stuff out there, but sometimes it can be difficult to find it all.  That’s why I wanted to create a place where it was all in one spot, and where you could also read reviews and get a chance to win some of it!

disney running gear guide

Skirts and Tutus

run sewkrazy

SewKrazy Running Skirts

A variety of fun skirts for running.  She has lots of colors and patterns, and a few Disney inspired skirts as well – including Tinkerbell, Cinderella, and Elsa!



Rachel McGrew


Some really cute Princess themed running tutus, at really reasonable prices!


run steve

SewMuchMore Custom Boutique

Several Disney related running skirts, featuring Minnie Mouse and Wonder Woman (perfect for the new Avengers Half!)


run american

American Blossoms

A number of gorgeous looking and very full tutus – many plain colors to go with any costume, and a few Disney specific ones.


run tutus4ewe

Tutus 4 Ewe
Beautifully done Disney princess tutus with an elegant, timeless look.


run kiss

Kiss-a-Belle Boutique


She has a couple of Disney inspired tutus – I’m especially a fan of the Elsa inspired one!


race junkie

Race Junkie


Fun tutus with a wide variety of character choices!


run running skirts

Running Skirts

Lots of stylish running skirts that you can use for a Disney costume or just everyday running.


run sparkle

Sparkle Skirts

Super popular for Disney runs, these sparkly skirts make a great addition to any princess outfit.


run lucky

Lucky Number Tutu


A number of super hero themed tutus and outfits that would be perfect for the new Avengers race!


run lily

Lily Bomb Athletic Wear


Some really cute sparkle running skirts, including some incredible Disney character themed ones!


Tank Tops & Shirts

run endorphin

Endorphin Highs

Has a number of cute Disney running themed shirts and tanks – and the fun part is many of the tanks come with a detachable bow!


run fit girl

Fit Girl Clothing

A couple of cute Disney tank tops – and several in the burnout style that I really like!


run girl on fire

Girl on Fire

Some really well done Disney racing costumes – cute shirts and a couple of skirts too!


run foxy

Foxy Baby Dresses


This shop has a couple of nice rhinestone transfers, if you’re looking for some bling to show off your race accomplishment!


run lost bay

Lost Bay Trader

A couple of really cute Disney running shirts, including “Princess in Running Shoes” and “Eat my Pixie Dust!”



One More Mile


Lots of hilarious running shirts, including a couple that are Disney related!


run iglow

iGlow Running

Absolutely gorgeous, well done Disney costumes – you can get a full costume or just a shirt or skirt.  Lots of authentic characters, and a bunch of Marvel super heroes too!


run behind

Behind the Mouse

Not a huge shop right now, but the t-shirts that they do have are totally awesome!!


Hair bands and Bows

run wonderful accesories

Wonderful Accessories


Add some Disney flair to your race costume with a cute hair bow!  There are a number of different ones, some character specific and some more generic Disney.


run bonnie

Bonnie’s Bands

A couple of cute no-slip running headbands, especially if you’re a fan of Minnie Mouse!


sparkly soul

Sparkly Soul

Feel like a true princess in a sparkly, no-slip headband that comes in almost every color you could imagine.


run pixie dust

The Pixie Dust Place

A couple of really cute Disney hair bows – and she does custom requests, so you can get almost any character you’d want!


run bondi

Bondi Band


A thicker, very comfortable headband with some fun Disney styles.  A few princess related ones on their site and even more when you go the expos!


run mickey waffles

Mickey Waffles

A huge collection of Disney themed hairbows – perfect to compliment any race outfit!


Belts / Armbands

run fitletic


They make handy hydration belts that carry water bottles as well as having a pouch for other things!


FlipBelt Carbon 800x533-625x625



A sleek, different kind of belt that holds your essentials without bouncing.


run armpocket



An easy and comfortable way to hold your phone as well as other items – keys, ipod, money, etc!


run roo



Instead of a belt, try RooSport – a small pouch that can attach to your shorts to hold your valuables!



SPI Belt


SPI stands for “small, personal items,” and this belt is a great way to hold these things while you run and still have access to them!



run cm


Get a cute decal for your car to show off your race achievements!


run gold web

Gold Web Crafts


There are some Disney related decals here, which you can order for your car or get applied to a tumbler cup!


keep calm

Mouse Ears and Me


A number of fun Disney running decals.  You can order the decals by themselves or get them already put onto a water bottle for your races and workouts!


run designs

Designs by MKC

Lots of fun car decals to represent the Disney races!  Also has Tower of Terror and Wine and Dine.




Milestone Sports Jewelry


A number of really stylish and fun Disney inspired running jewelry!


run sarah jane

Sarah Jane Design


Gorgeous jewelry for Disney runners – a number of race specific inspired pieces and also generic Disney/running/Princess jewelry!


run got to

Got to Run

Cute running jewelry, including some Florida specific pieces.



run dyan

Dyan’s Cupcake Couture


What better way to celebrate finishing a race than with cupcakes?  Dyan makes a number of Disney running related cupcake wrappers to get you into the spirit!


run ellie

Ellie Blue Designs
She has a number of Disney running related iron-ons, so if you’re looking for an inexpensive race outfit you can make your own shirt using one of these!


run scrapbook

Run Love Scrapbooks

A number of running related scrapbooking pieces, as well as pre-made scrapbooks: they can feature photos or race bibs!


run strappy

Something Strappy

A unique gift for a Disney runner who’s also a photographer is this adorable camera strap that says, “Sorry Charming, gotta run!”


run beecause

BeeCause Charms

Bling out your running shoes with these sneaker charms!


run sport hooks

Sport Hooks

Display your medals with one of these cool medal holders.


run running on the wall

Running on the Wall


Find really nice wooden medal holders as well as bib holders/displays with a variety of fun Disney slogans on them.


runner's guide

The Runner’s Guide to Walt Disney World


A guidebook specifically aimed at Disney runners -advice on the races themselves, as well as food suggestions, hotel ideas, and more!


run laura

Laura Design

A cute drawstring Tower of Terror 10 miler backpack would be perfect for carrying your race gear.


run sparkle bow

Sparkle Bow Cheer

They have a lot of items with Disney sayings, like tanks and bows, but my favorite is their sports bras!


run nite

Nite Beams

A large range of products to keep you safe when running in the dark – including glow in the dark shoelaces and LED hats!


Handana (30)



A unique product worn on your hand while running to easily wipe sweat away – perfect in the summer weather!

Clif Bars



Great fuel for runners, including energy bars, protein powder, energy chews, and energy gel.  My favorite!




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