Exciting New Items from Milestones Sports Jewelry & Apparel!


I love featuring items for Disney runners – and out of the many that I’ve gotten to look into, Milestones Sports Jewelry is one of my favorites.  They provide jewelry and clothing items – things you can wear during the race or after, to show off your accomplishments!  The jewelry is really beautiful, and you might remember some of the items I featured in my last review on this blog.  They’ve recently come out with some new items, and I’m so excited to share some with you!

Expandable Bangle Bracelets

milestone sports

To begin with – I almost can’t contain my excitement about this – they’ve come out with some new bracelets that are in the style of Alex and Ani.  They are gorgeous, and about on par pricewise with Alex and Ani.  If you’re not familiar with these bracelets they are meant to be stacked and worn with multiples at once.  If you already have some in this style add one of these to your collection – or start a new collection to commemorate all of your big races!


I was lucky enough to be sent a Glass Slipper Challenge bracelet to review.  This is my first bracelet like this, but I’ve admired them for a long time.  It fits great (since it’s expandable) and it doesn’t get in the way of my work, which is very hands on.  I love how it looks.  It does make a slight tinkling noise, but I love jewelry that does that!  And I’m sure if you stacked them it would make a little more noise too.  I would definitely buy a few of these so you get that stacked look that is so awesome!  All of the bracelets are made of durable non-tarnishing stainless steel and all of the charms are high quality .25 sterling silver.

You pick out your main bracelet and then customize it how you want – you can pick an additional tag phrase and a stone color (I got a blue stone, a heart shaped tag with 19.3, and a small tag that said “Live, Love, Run”).  She has them for a variety of distances and races: Glass Slipper, Princess, 10 miler, marathon, half marathon, and a Space Coast (half) marathon one which I absolutely love!  If I ever run that race I may have to invest in the bracelet too 🙂  Even though I haven’t done the Glass Slipper Challenge yet, wearing the bracelet is inspiring me to work hard and train for it!

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Tower of Terror 10 miler after party: Villains Bash!


villains bash

Before I ran the Tower of Terror 10 miler, I was really curious what the after party, the Villains Bash, would be like.  What rides would be open?  What character would be out?  Was there anything else to do?  I had a lot of trouble finding any information on it at all!  Disney didn’t officially give much, and I only found a handful of blogs with recaps.  So I knew after I attended I would have to write my own blog post to get a little more information out there!


After I finished the race I got my medal and my food packet and started the long walk to actually get into the park.  We came in right around where the Theater of the Stars is, and I immediately found a bench near the food area to sit down, rest a bit, eat my food, and call my husband to tell him I was done!  He wasn’t on this trip with me or else he would’ve been cheering me on, but we still celebrated over the phone.

The food inside our boxes they gave us after the race.

The food inside our boxes they gave us after the race.

My friends were still going to be awhile til they finished, so I kind of went to explore the Bash on my own.  If you weren’t running the race you could buy a ticket to get into the party, and apparently they had maps for the event around but I didn’t see any – I wish they had been giving them out to the runners!  I didn’t know where anything would be happening, but I wandered toward the hat and saw a line for Cruella de Vil, so I decided to meet her.  She was hilarious!



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Tower of Terror 10 miler expo



The expo for the Tower of Terror 10 miler took place this year on Friday, October 3rd from 10:00am-7:00pm, and Saturday, October 4th from 8:30am-3:00 pm.  My friend and I headed there first thing on Friday morning, and we arrived at the ESPN Wide World of Sports around 9:40 or so.  They were already letting people in and it wasn’t too crowded yet, so that was an awesome bonus!


The first thing we did was go to pick up our race bib packets at the HP Field House.  We handed in our waivers and showed our id’s.  When I got my bib I had an awesome surprise!  According to my waiver I was supposed to be in corral H, the second to last one, which did not match with my expected finish time.  I had emailed them but they told me there was nothing they could do to change it.  However, when I picked up my bib there was an “E” sticker put on top of my corral!  I was so excited to see that.  On the downside, I had pre-ordered a pin that they didn’t have a record of, but we tracked it down eventually.

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Alice in Wonderland running costume



I’m not going to lie, one of the things that I get most excited for when it comes to a Disney race is putting together a costume. I love costumes!  For the Enchanted 10k I did a simple Belle costume.  This time around, a group of friends that was going decided we should do a group costume.  We settled on Alice in Wonderland, and we had Alice, the Cheshire Cat, Mad Hatter, and Tweedle Dee/Tweedle Dum.  My costume was Alice!


Raw Threads, which makes awesome running clothes, especially with Disney themes, was the place where most of us decided to get our shirts. They had a big Alice and Wonderland collection.  My shirt said “Alice” on the front, and I got the tank top instead of the t-shirt.  I actually got really lucky – I ordered one of Raw Threads’ mystery packs, where they sent me 3 random tank tops for a low price.  And one of the tanks I got was Alice!  These are super comfy and I highly recommend them.  You can also buy Raw Threads gear at the Run Disney expos.

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November 2014 monthly round up

The past month was super busy here at Disney in your Day!  Thanks to a trip to the World in early October, I had a ton of content to write about for the blog.  Plus, in my personal life I am performing in the musical Sweeney Todd, which just opened in mid-October and runs for four weekends!  So it’s been pretty non-stop for me.

Disney in your Day news


There are lots of exciting things I’ve written about from my past trip, including the Food and Wine Festival, Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, and the Tower of Terror 10 miler.  But there’s also more things to come that I experienced: the expo for the race, the Villains Bash, and staying the Villas at the Grand Floridian, just to name a few!

I’ve started race training for the Glass Slipper Challenge, so those updates will be coming.  And a new restaurant tournament will be up shortly!

Disney News

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Tower of Terror 10 miler 2014 recap

tower of terror 10 miler

On October 4th I got to run in my longest race so far, The Tower of Terror 10 miler.  It was an evening race, so while I was in the Magic Kingdom for about two hours in the morning, I spent the afternoon napping and resting up.  I grabbed a pasta dinner at the Grand Floridian Café at 5:00, and then headed back to the room to get ready for the race!

My friends and I dressed up as characters from Alice in Wonderland.

My friends and I dressed up as characters from Alice in Wonderland.

My friends and I got into our race costumes and made all of our last minute preparations. I made sure everything I had to bring was packed into my Flip Belt, and I filled up my water bottle.  We attached our bibs, took some pictures, and made our way to transportation.  Unlike the Princess Half weekend, not every hotel was a host hotel for the race this time.  We were staying at the Grand Floridian, which was not a host hotel.  But the Polynesian was, so we walked over there to grab a bus around 7:15.  We even passed a photopass photographer on the walk over!

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October 2014 monthly round up

Woohoo, October!  You know what that means?  It means I’m going to Disney World!  When I come back I’ll have tons of stuff to blog about – the Halloween Party, Food and Wine, and Tower of Terror 10 miler.  I’ll also be there for the last day Maelstrom is open.  What are you most interested in hearing about when I get back?

Disney in your Day News

tower of terror 10 miler

Since the Tower of Terror 10 miler is this weekend, my countdown and training is done!   But I’ll only have a week or two before I start training for the Glass Slipper Challenge, which I’m a bit nervous about – first of all for running in the winter and second of all because it’s a 10k on Saturday and a half marathon (my first) on Sunday.  We’ll see how it goes!  I also took part in a Tower of Terror 10 miler Virtual Blog Hop, so if you’re looking for info on the race there are lots of great blog posts there!

As I mentioned above, I’ll be coming back with plenty to write about from my travels.  Plus I’m hoping to get out some fall/Halloween posts in October.   If you have ideas or want to contribute, please email me at disneyinyourday@gmail.com!

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ToT 10 miler training: 1 week to go!!

Actually, in less than a week I will be running the 10 miler!  I’m so pumped and ready for it, but I’ll admit I’m a little bit nervous too.  It will be my farthest “official” 10 mile run.  Plus, it’s at night, and although I’ve been running in the evening to prepare my body, I haven’t spent a day in Disney before a long run before!  Hopefully it will be smooth sailing 🙂

week 17

This week was pretty much my last one of full training.  I’ll get in one or two runs before I head to Disney.  Even though they’ll be shorter runs, I’m going to try and slow my pace down so I can get used to running at around 11:30 – if I go any faster than that I know I’ll wear myself out on 10 miles.  Plus, I don’t want to risk hurting anything before the big race!

week 17 mon

The week was off to a bad start when I had to cut my run a little bit short on Monday.  My left leg just really started feeling sore and tight, and I knew after about 24 minutes I had to cut my losses and head home.  Sometimes it’s just better to know when you need to give in and stop.  It will be better in the long run! (pun intended).

week 17 wed

I did a lot of stretching and resting and Wednesday my leg, while still a little tight, was much better and I completed my half hour run with a time I was quite happy with.  It certainly wasn’t the PR of my last 5k, but for training runs I am honestly pretty thrilled with this.

week 17 fri

Friday my run was only slightly longer, since it was a 3 mile run and that’s just slightly over half an hour for me now.  It was one of those days where I just did not feel like going out and running, but I did it and better than I expected given how I was feeling that day.

These posts have helped keep me so accountable, even if only a handful of people are reading them.  I wanted to skip my Friday run so badly, but then I say to myself, “What will I write in my post if I skip?”  So thank you to anyone who is reading and keeping me motivated!