Crafty Corner: Upcycle your Christmas Cards into gift tags


Today I have a guest post up at another Disney blog, Inspired by Dis.  Over there you can read all about how I upcycled my old Christmas cards to turn them into gift tags to use for next year.  There are even some Disney ones thanks to the people that sent out Disney Christmas cards!  To my friends and family, expect to see some of these tags on your gifts next year!

Read about how to do it here!

Carving a Tinkerbell pumpkin


At my place of work, we had to carve a pumpkin – and we decided to do Tinkerbell!  I’m super pleased with how it came out, and I wanted to share with you just how we did it.  We followed some of the instructions from this website, which I highly recommend you check out.



Here’s what we used:

  • Pumpkin
  • Carving tools/knife
  • Tinkerbell outline
  • drill


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Throwing a Frozen themed Birthday Party



For my 26th birthday I decided to throw myself a Frozen themed party.  The week before my party I was at work (I work in the children’s department of a library), and I heard a little girl, probably about six years old, talking about how she was going to have a Frozen birthday party.  I had to get excited and tell her that I was having a Frozen birthday party too!  Still a child a heart 😉

For my party I invited a bunch of friends over to watch the movie, and we had some snacks and drinks.  Because people arrived at all different times we actually watched the movie twice – I referred to it as the matinee showing and the evening showing!  In between the two showings we got dinner and played Disney Scene It.

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Giveaway and review! Wshs Fairytale Designs

wshs giveaway

I am super excited to share a giveaway and etsy shop review with you this week!

Order now with the code MARCH10 for 10% off your order!

In her shop, Nicole offers lots of beautiful rhinestone shirt designs perfect the Disney lover, and especially for Disney brides.  Her designs are creative and really high quality.  She sent me an awesome shirt to review, and customized it for my anniversary!  I can’t wait to wear it this September.


There are lots of beautiful, sparkly rhinestones.  None of them fell off at any point – not during shipping, wearing it for awhile, or even going through the wash.  Everything about it is high quality.  I was also impressed with the shirt used.  It didn’t feel cheap at all and was very comfortable.

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Run Disney outfit: Princess Belle

belle running

For me, one of the most exciting parts of running the Enchanted 10k was getting to plan out my costume!   I love costumes of any sort but especially Disney ones.  I didn’t want to do anything super elaborate since I did have to run in it.  And since it was my first Disney race, and a Princess one at that, I knew I had to pick my absolute favorite Princess: Belle.  So if you’re looking for ideas for an easy Belle costume, here’s what I did!

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Crafty Corner: Race Bib Holder

race bib

In honor of the Princess half marathon weekend (I completed the 10k!), I thought I’d share a running related craft with you all.  My friend Megan from over at Mouse Ears and Me decided we should make race bib holders one time when I went to visit her to do a 5k.  It’s a really great way to display your race bibs without taking up too much space.   Though this craft isn’t necessarily Disney related, it can be if you use it to display your Run Disney bibs or if you put a Disney quote or picture on it!

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Enchanted Bridal Contest Winners!

I am super excited to announce the winners of our Enchanted Bridal contest!  About a month ago we asked you to suggest ideas for a new rhinestone transfer for Terry to make for the Enchanted Bridal Etsy shop, and we were blown away with the responses!  There were so many good suggestions that it was hard to narrow it down to two, but finally Terry has decided!  So without futher ado, here are our winners…

1st Place:  Once upon a Run

once upon a run

Andrea, who has a blog about Disney running, won first place for this fun design for runners!  She will be receiving this design as well as one other one of her choosing.

2nd Place:  Rebel Alliance Logo

rebel alliance

The Stars Wars community needed some rhinestone love, which is why this one takes second place!  Thanks to the suggestion from Sue, who blogs over at Tea, Love, and Cookies and is a big Star Wars fan.  She’s going to get this design sent to her.

Thank you to everyone that entered, I know it was a really tough choice!  I’m going to contact the winners, but if you see this and you haven’t heard from me yet (things are a little busy right now!) shoot me an email at and I will send you details and your prize.  Congratulations!  And everyone, be sure to check out the Enchanted Bridal etsy shop for some fantastic Disney inspired designs!

Contest! Win a Disney rhinestone transfer from Enchanted Bridal


I am so excited to bring you our first ever contest! Etsy shop Enchanted Bridal is hosting a contest with us. She makes incredible rhinestone transfer designs that I’m completely in love with – there are a lot of wedding related ones, but also holidays and more. She’s looking for some new ideas of designs she can make, and we thought Disney in your Day readers would be the perfect people to ask!


The design I picked out from her shop – I’m excited to wear it for Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party next week!

So here’s how you enter the contest:

Think of a design that you would like to see made into rhinestones for a transfer. Describe either in words or through a picture what it would look like. Post your idea here in the comments or on our facebook page. That’s it!

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