A Personal Film Festival

Another blogger over at The Animation Commendation tagged me in a post to create my own personal film festival – basically, a list of my favorite films from each year that I’ve been alive.  I’ll try to pass along the fun by tagging some other bloggers as well!  You’ll see a lot of Disney movies on this list, but maybe a few others as well.  I did some honorable mentions too since I have such a love of Disney, but enjoy other films too!   I talk about Disney a lot on here (obviously), but this will also give you a glimpse into other things I enjoy.

1988:  Who Framed Roger Rabbit


1989:  The Little Mermaid

little mermaid
Honorable Mention:  Dead Poets Society

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Bucket List: Attend Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party


This year was exciting because it was my very first time attending Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party!  If you haven’t been, there are a number of things to look forward to!



For me, one of the most exciting things about attending the Halloween Party is being able to wear a costume into Magic Kingdom park!  While kids can always dress up like princesses or pirates or whatever they like, adults are not normally allowed to wear costumes.  For this party though, that’s all different.  I got to dress up like a princess (Belle) and prance around Magic Kingdom.  It doesn’t get much better than that!

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Art of Animation review

art of animation

On my last trip to Disney World, I was lucky enough to stay in the newest resort – the Art of Animation.  This is classified as a “value” resort, but unlike many of the other values, they consist of mostly suites.  If you’re not familiar with the resort, it’s broken up into four sections: Cars, the Lion King, Finding Nemo, and the Little Mermaid.  Cars, Lion King, and Nemo are all family suites that sleep up to six people, while the Little Mermaid is your standard value room sleeping up to 4.


My husband and I stayed in a Lion King suite with another couple.  When you first come into the room, there is a small area with a table and chairs.  This table actually unfolds into one of the three beds in the suite.  A little further in is the living room, which has a couch that also unfolds into a bed.  There is a bathroom off of here as well.

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Wordless Wednesday: The Disney Letter “U”

We’re up to the letter U – a little trickier than a letter like S or T!  But when I think of U, I think of Under the Sea.  So here are a few of my Disney World “Under the Sea” inspired pictures:

Ursula on the Under the Sea ride:



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November Monthly Round Up

Personally, October was a crazy month for me!  I started a new job and the theater production that I’m in opened in mid-October.  Lots of positive things have been happening, and I think November will continue the busy yet good pattern.  I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving – a time to spend with family and to appreciate all that I have in life.  Plus, after Thanksgiving is the start of the Christmas holidays for me!  Though of course, Disney’s Christmas celebrations will start even sooner this month.  It just gets me even more excited for my trip down there in December!

Disney in your Day News

Thank you for getting us over 500 facebook "likes"!

Thank you for getting us over 500 facebook “likes”!

We are going to continue to feature Etsy shops from our Disney Holiday Gift Guide.  There are still lots of great items to check out, so stay tuned for that!  We’ll also have a few related giveaways coming up so I know you’ll want to participate in those two!  Our two October giveaways, for a Rock City Skirt and some Disney art from Kathleen McCready, were big successes.  And we now have over 500 facebook fans, which is incredibly exciting!  Our restaurant tournament of the Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios restaurants was completed, with Be Our Guest as the victor.

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October Monthly Round Up

It’s October, and you know what that means – the start of the long stretch of holidays!  Halloween is at the end of this month, followed by Thanksgiving and then of course Christmas!  I love celebrating, and no place does it better than Disney World!  Though I won’t be down there this month, I still plan to do something Disney for my Halloween costume – my husband and I are going are Rapunzel and Flynn Rider.

Disney in your Day News

etsy holiday gift guide

Once again, October is going to be a great month for the blog!  September was fantastic.  We had a giveaway with three winners – congratulations to Maria M., Debbie R., and Brandy F.!  They will each be receiving an item from Etsy shop a Wish upon a Charm, which will ship out sometime next week.  Everyone else, there will be plenty more chances to win things – I have at least 4 more giveaways in the works for the next few months!  Hopefully our first one will be within another week or two!

We also launched our big fall project yesterday, the Disney Etsy Holiday Gift Guide.  It’s a list of some of the best Disney items I found on Etsy, which would make the perfect gift for a Disney lover!  As part of this project we will also be featuring reviews of many of the items on the list, as well as a few giveaways!  Etsy Spotlights will start this month and continue on until Christmas.

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Bucket List: Meet all of the Disney Princes

bucket list - princes

One of the other items on my bucket list was to meet all of the Disney Princesses.  The Princes, however, are a lot harder to find.  Some of them pop up frequently enough to check off the list, and others are almost impossible.

Flynn Rider:

Though Flynn has technically become a prince since marrying Rapunzel, you won’t find him in Princely outfits!  A few years ago he was out doing meet and greets with Rapunzel, but ever since Merida took over that area you find Rapunzel on her own.  Rumor has it though that Flynn can still be found in Disneyland and Tokyo Disney, as well as on special occasions (like True Love week this past February).


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Disney’s new screening of The Little Mermaid encourages using iPads in theaters

second screen

A couple of days ago Disney announced that they would be bringing the Little Mermaid back to theaters, but this time as part of something called “Second Screen Live.”  They are billing it as an interactive showing of the movie.  The way that they are achieving that “interaction” is through an iPad app.  They say that with the app you “can interact with the film, play games, find hidden treasure, sing along, and compete with the audience for the chance to win great prizes.”


I am not pleased with this idea.  Don’t get me wrong, I love technology.  It can do many great things for us, and make a lot of tasks easier.  But I believe the extent to which we use technology and are encouraged to work in this multitasking world can be harmful as well.  I work with children and while kids are notorious for not having great attention spans to begin with, it’s only getting worse.  They can’t focus on one task for an extended period of time.

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