Finding Disney in Once upon a Time


Once Upon a Time is filled with lots of references, shout outs, or easter eggs to Disney movies.  This isn’t too surprising, since it is a show about fairy tales and is owned by Disney, but it’s still really fun to see what sort of Disney references they put in throughout the show!  There are lots of little touches that are uniquely Disney, but here are some of my favorites:

Mickey Mouse
Even Mickey himself makes a brief cameo appearance in Once Upon a Time!  It seems like Mr. Gold really does have everything in his pawn shop, and as you can see in episode 19 of season 1.

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Wordless Wednesday: Disney Sidekicks

It’s time for another Wordless Wednesday, and this week’s theme was a little tricky to come up with photos for!  But I managed to get you a few 🙂

One of my favorite group of sidekicks, performing in one of my favorite shows!



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A Fairy Tale Inspired Murder Mystery Party

While it’s not strictly Disney related, about a year ago I threw a murder mystery party that had a fairy tale theme – and I feel like that’s something that Disney fans might be interested in!  You could very easily add a lot of details to make it Disney-oriented, even if the mystery itself isn’t from Disney.


I had hosted a number of murder mystery parties with different themes before, but I was especially excited about this one.  It is called Once upon a Murder, and it’s a downloadable party from Night of Mystery.  You can print everything right from your computer that you’ll need, and depending on which version you purchase it can hold anywhere from 8-80 guests.  We got the version for 8-12 people, and had 12 at our party.

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Downtown Disney Restaurant Tournament: Final Round

It’s down to the last two: Raglan Road vs. Wolfgang Puck Express!  We’ve got a sit down vs. a counter service here, so it should be an interesting match up.  I’ve actually never really eaten at either (I had a drink at Raglan Road and I did technically eat at WPE, but it was such a bad experience I don’t count it and just pretend like I’ve never been there).  Which one do you prefer? Vote now by commenting!

downtown-disney-restaurant-bracket round 4



An Introduction to Vinylmation Collecting

This blog was originally posted on Come Home to Disney.

Chances are, you’ve probably at least heard of vinylmation, even if you’re not a collector yourself.  If it’s something that you’re curious to know more about, or something you’re not familiar with, here’s some of the basics you should know about vinylmation!


What They Are

The name vinylmation comes from combining the words “vinyl” and “animation.”  They are small collectibles made out of vinyl that are shaped like Mickey Mouse.  However, every vinylmation is decorated in a different way.  There are a number of different series and themes – so you could have some decorated like “urban,” including everything from a gnome to an ice cream come, or more Disney-related series such as “Animation,” which features characters such as Baloo, Alice, and Prince Naveen.  The majority of vinylmation are 3″ tall, though many series include one or two 9″ vinylmation, and there are also some “junior” series that are 1 1/2 inches tall.

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Wordless Wednesday: Parades

I’ll admit, I’m not usually a parade person.  For the afternoon parades I’m usually either taking a nap break back at the resort, or using the time when everyone else is at the parade to get on a few rides.  But with all the times I’ve been at Disney I have caught a couple of the parades on occasion!  And I’m looking forward to the new parade coming to Magic Kingdom.

Celebrate a Dream Come True Parade:


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Disney on Ice: Let’s Celebrate!


On January 3rd, my husband and I attended Disney on Ice: Let’s Celebrate! when it came to Philadelphia.  We had been to Rockin’ Ever After last year and really enjoyed it, so we were excited for this one.  We don’t have kids, and I will say that we were definitely in the minority on that one.  It’s certainly a show that is geared toward children and not adults, but if you’re a true Disney fan at heart I think you’ll enjoy it regardless.  It’s a fun, feel-good time.

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Downtown Disney Restaurant Tournament: Round 3

We’re down to the the third round of the Downtown Disney restaurant tournament!  So far, T-REX, Raglan Road, Splitsville, and Wolfgang Puck Express have survived.  Which two will make it to the final match up?  Comment on T-REX vs. Raglan Road and Splitsville vs. Wolfgang Puck express!

downtown-disney-restaurant-bracket round 3